Has East Essence gotten better?

I was wondering whether any of you have recently ordered from East Essence and what your take has been about your order. I wonder if their quality has gotten any better since the last time I ordered from them?

…Argh…they are like those annoying chocolate muffins that coffee shops always stock…which beckons you to buy when you just came in for an iced Americano. LOL.

No, seriously…Ive ordered from them twice in the past, the first time was before we went to Saudi and their quality was atrocious…second time was last summer when I ordered their cotton twill Nahal abaya which as soon as I machine washed it (not dried…just machine washed) the thing shrunk 4 inches in length and went from a perfect fit to something which was better for a pre-adolescent girl and their Rayna abaya which came 1 inche shorter than I had ordered anyway and with very big, gaudy, cheapo buttons which ripped the fabric around it, in the first wearing. Also…it took like 3 weeks for me to even get my order.


but, I always run into sisters who always buy from them and have always liked everything they got. Also, they recently started using a lightweight koshibo for their polyester garments and Ive spoken to several sisters at the masjid who had on Amatullah abayaat in the new fabric and I honestly did like how they looked and how the material felt esp.compared to the old fabric.

So…hmmm…maybe they are decent if you dont buy a cotton garment which will invariably shrink like 4 inches…i don’t know. Can anyone share their recent experiences buying from them…has their quality improved?


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  1. I wish I could tell you sis. I know one sister who almost exclusively buys from her and loves their stuff. To me it looks so-so when I have seen their frabric in person. Allahu alim. In terms of price it’s reasonable and I’d consider buying a few thinds for my daughter if they’ve gotten better.

  2. I haven’t been brave enough to try them, after hearing bad review after bad review. The stuff is really cheaply priced, I think it must reflect the quality.
    To be honest, there’s a couple I want to buy just to take them apart and use as patterns to sew up some abayas for myself!

  3. Assalaam waliekum. I have heard alot about Eastern Essences yet I never shopped from them.
    All I can suggest with buying cotton garments is that you buy several sizes bigger. That’s so you will have some room for fit. Insha’allah you wear a size 14, buy a size 20 or more. Plus don’t wash the garment right away unless u are getting it altered by a seamstress or it becomes very soiled. INsha’allah it is still pretty much clean then hang it up to air then wear it again.

    • wa salaam…while your suggestions sound good…from my own experience with their cotton stuff…the stuff shrinks lengthwise not width-wise…like the jilbabs I got frm them…they didnt shrink in the body just in the length…they went from being a 58 to a 54 which was far too short plus the sleeves shortened and their sleeves are already not that long…it looks ridiculous. Id also loath ordering such a huge size…not because I dont mind baggy stuff, but just because on someone with a small frame it looks and feels like just toooo much material…also again, it’ll shrink length not width, so the extra width wont really go away. Also I wash my stuff a lot…I know people who almost never wash their garments unless they are really gross…but i tend to wash my stuff frequently, esp in the summer…but again, thats just me.

      • Yes this did happen with their older cotton fabric which was too thin for machine washing in hot water. However they have now switched to cotton twill which is much stronger and did not shrink for me – myself and my friends and students are very happy with this new cotton selection and each one of us bought more than 1, it is very good quality alhamdulillah. You can use my discount code at check out “Mariam” – I have bought so many jilbabs for myself and all the sisters who saw me wearing them and also wanted to order something – in total was more than 100 i believe and we did not have any returns except one size exchange!

  4. As salaamu alaykum, I haven’t ordered from them, but a sister (delusional mom) whose blog I follow did a YouTube review on garments she purchased last year. Maybe you can check out her review and see for yourself…although she didn’t show the underside of the garments so one never knows if the stitching will pass muster.

  5. Their stuff looks to me to be very similar to some of the clothes sold in Green Street in East London, they seem like a bargain at first but they don’t last five minutes and the materials used are not great. I used to waste £80 down there on clothes, sure I’d get 4 bulging bags full of stuff but I certainly didn’t get more than a few months use out of any of them. Some things are a false economy.

  6. i ordered a long jean skirt from them, some how i got the sizing wrong so i sent it back, they were really nice and i got the right size. ive worn it several times and its really nice and comfy. it shrunk a bit in the wash the first time, but not terribly, and it bounced back right away

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