Sew: New type of prayer garment!

I was recently given a new style of Irani prayer chador from a sister friend who just came back from a pilgrimage. I had seen a few pictures of this style here and there but never seen one up close and personal. I really like it and fine myself using it all the time.

basically imagine a huge rectangle of fabric which is folded in half lengthwise and then 2 edges are sewn up and it…well, wait let me just show pictures as explaining is much too hard. Sewing one  would be a snap! I find myself throwing this one on not just for salaat but also for peeping outside to check on the kidlet or sitting outside and drinking coffee. Its quite comfortable and covers everything modestly yet you have free hand movement!

From the front it looks like you have on a 2 piece prayer garment yet from the back its one piece. Its quite clever…

This is the trick…there is a long cord attached to the “skirt” to keep it up! Its looped over the head and lays on the chest.

The fabric they used for this is a medium weight cotton/poly blend with the ubiquitous floral design! This can easily be made to accommodate all heights and for width, it should be pretty much one size fits all…
Your arms are quite well covered…even in sujood, ive felt no need for arm covers or the like when I pray in this.

Here is the sewing diagram…obviously you will need to teak to your needs… (click to make bigger)


12 thoughts on “Sew: New type of prayer garment!

  1. Assalaamu alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak. Ooooh sis, now you know you’ve just given me my next project inshallah and alhamdulilah made me happy in the process. Just can’t resist a prayer garment of any sort! Jazakallah khair.

  2. Mashallah. I wish I could sew. This would be perfect even for a walk to the park in our condo complex.

  3. It looks quite similar to a traditional Algerian style of overhead that looks like two piece from the front, one from the back. The major difference with that one is the bit that goes up under the ‘khimar’ bit at the front is more like an apron design

    • Yup, the modern jelbabs like that in France and Algeria are called jelbab tablier (apron jilbab) but are pretty much not very popular anymore due to the 2 pieces becoming more popular.

  4. Salaam
    Excuse me sis I know it’s bit off-topic but would you have a sewing pattern for maghnehs by any chance?

  5. Assalamu alaykum, as I said, there seems to be nothing easier for daily prayers, or? I want to sew this for me to see if I can ease the five time daily dressing for salaat.
    Just one more question for the chin part. Can you please take the measures once more of the triangle for chin cover? How long is the long side and how long are the two shorter sides of this triangle? (sorry, I am not got at maths :-S).

    Also I want to start covering my chin part, as I read about this question and the scholars views. So I want to sew a chincover in my khimaraat. I hope I can use these measures also for this purpose inshaAllah.

    Barakallahu feeky for your help,
    wa aleykum salam wa rahmatullah.

    • salaam…sister i dont know the measurements for the chin cover. The triangular piece shown is a gusset for under the arms. Usually a chadore=e melli is worn over a scarf so it wouldnt have a chin cover in it anyway, you can always sew it up so you just slip it on, without needing a second scarf but as far as size goes, I just pop the scarf on, cut out a huge triange and piece it in until it fits, pin while its on my face then slowly take it off and hand stitch it, re try it on, if it fits right then I machine stitch it in, but piecing a chin cover into something can be a bit annoying at first. Best of luck…

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