Gorgeous dresses for Ramadhan

Ramadhan is always a fun time of the Muslim year…while fasting in the summertime can indeed be trying, its offset by the blessings which come with it, along with the fun too! Everyone looks forward to seeing friends and relatives, socializing, eating special foods, praying taraweeh in jama’ah and basically using the time as a bit of a “spiritual cleanse”…its also a time when everyone runs out to get a new dress, jilbab or abaya!

Shukr has some very lovely styles up for the Ramadhan and Eid holiday. In particular their Salihat collection which I mentioned previously. I am really loving the swishy drape and the use of embroidery on their garments. Ofcourse as ive mentioned many times previously…their garments are really high quality and are built to last for many years of wearing enjoyment, alhamdullah.

Here are some of their newest designs which really caught my eye. In all honesty, i dislike ordering online from most places as really you can’t be sure of their quality or longevity, but again as I just mentioned and I’m sure others will agree…you generally dont have that problem with Shukr items.

This unique and kind of intricate long tunic/summer manteau

This swishy summer jilbab…I love the Opal color! How soothing.

This dress screams sisters party! Its so lively with a bit of an Indian look.

Ramadhan Mobarek!

As a side thought…Sigh, I do miss those wonderful Saudi dates…you really can not find really good dates here where I am in the US…OK, Maybe Dearborn or someplace with a massive and huge Arab population but here in my city…nope, we get Tunisian dates which are very dark and syrupy sweet and not really to my taste and those huge hunkering Medjool dates which are OK…but kind of dry and fibery…I really miss those melt-in your mouth, drool-worthy Saudi dates, not too sweet, not too dry…especially those kind which I show above where they are half ripe. The unripe part is kind of hard yet juicy with a slight piquancy and the bottom is melt-in your mouth delicious…sigh…


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous dresses for Ramadhan

  1. Salaam

    I was just telling my husband the same thing, how much I miss Saudi dates. The dates here just blah…

    • Alhamdulillaah here in London we have quite an impressive range of dates, even normal supermarkets such as Tesco do a spectacular array of dates including ones imported from Saudi. We have a large Turkish supermarket in our high street and they have every type of date imaginable mashaAllaah including the squishy Irani variety, the unripe yellow kind on a stalk and the half yellow, half ripe ones

  2. Salaam
    I also wanted to add how extremely jealous I am of those ladies who can were Shukr’s clothing… It is all beautiful, but I am too tall for it.


    • Join my club! The skirts and tops I can wear but not the dresses or over garments. I cannot fathom why they don’t do a tall range. Most US abaya brands if they don’t size things by length still do a special tall size which is an average size widthways (so to speak) and then extra long so it’s not like having to bring out a whole other range.

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