Hejabi clothing exhibition and new modern chador style

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Every season there are these hejabi clothing exhibitions that go on in major cities across Iran…like Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz etc here all the “latest” chador, manteau and scarf styles are put on exhibition, new styles are unveiled and stores come and vend, giving women from smaller cities and provincial towns the opportunity to buy designs which may otherwise be difficult to get unless you live in Tehran and know where to go!

There was one recently and along with the exhibit there was a new modern chador style which was unveiled called chador-e mantoo which is basically a hybrid modern chador with a manteau style so it gets away from the need for wearing a manteau under ones chador. Ofcourse there are right now on the market atleast half a dozen modern chador styles which considered all-in-one pieces, some even include an attached maghneh (scarf) too…so this is just 1 of many styles…but from what I see it does look rather fluid and different…ofcourse it will take a few years before this style is readily available to most, much like it took a few years for the ubiquitous chador-e melli to trickle down to the masses.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition and below them the new chador style pictures.



Chadors for Umrah/Hajja









Now pictures of this new style of chador w/ attached manteau.

Okay sooo…its a bit hard to see…but maybe you will get the jist of it, its based off the now popular “chador-e qajari” style which is a chador style which is based off of what women during the Qajar (ghajar) dynasty wore.

Its the grey one below…which is leaning “out” from the rest…


Yes, I do remain a bit confused as to how exactly the chador-e mantoo truely looks and how its worn…but its a new style never the less…


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