A pleated niqab and other Egyptian designs…

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Islamic Boutique which is based in Egypt has some new niqab designs…which if I wore niqab, id probably be running out to get…LOL. They are rather interesting designs.

The first is this pleated number which reminds me just a smidgin of those traditional niqabs from Malaysia which are pleated around the nose area for better breathability of heavier fabrics in a humid climate (as the old school Malaysian niqabs were not made of the fine, thin chiffons, georgettes and crepes the are nowadays).

Then there is this one with a distinctly bedu/tribal feel.

For some reason…the embroidered niqab above really reminds me of something a bedouin woman frm the Sinai would wear…

As far as the overgarments go..i’m not such a huge fan of the abayaat coming out of Egypt at the moment. The trend seems to be for excessive gaudiness and then the way the designs are captured in pictures, with the layered scarves and all…look sorta unappealing to me. LOL…although I know the quality of the Sona Style and Donia and other designers are extremely high, I just cant jive with the gaudiness. The styles coming out of Egypt a few yers ago were a bit tamer. They would be good for a party, eid or if you really…really..really like a lot of glam.

what do you think?


3 thoughts on “A pleated niqab and other Egyptian designs…

  1. I agree with you sis. I used to love the abayas on Islamic Boutique, but some of their new styles are so over the top….definitely not my style. These niqabs are nice, but I don’t wear it either.

  2. Ooh fantastic, love the pleated one it’s dressy without being at all flashy, and the bottom one reminds me of the embroidered edge two layer niqabs that alhediya used to sell. I’ve never ordered from IB though because the shipping to the UK is outrageous…

  3. Assalaamu alaykum. You already know my opinion but will add it here anyway. Currently the styles on Egypt are horribly gaudy and the quality has lowered while prices have increased. Plain, modest, coverings have all but vanished. Actually I’m not a fan of either niqab shown but I think it’s less to do with their looks and more because trying to buy a plain, well made niqab in egypt has become practically impossible. Previously, many sellers of more conservative islamic clothing congregated in one area as they were seen as extremist but since the revolution they have pretty much vanished all together. Inshallah more stable times will send Egyptian clothing back to where I would love it to be.

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