Colored jelbab confections…

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

One of the many, many reasons why I really like and enjoy wearing the French style overhead jelbab …whether one or to piece is because they come in colors…lots…and lots…and lots of colors! mash’Allah. I love that I can rock out in a one piece overhead garment in say light blue or purple or green or wear a two piece to school in taupe…it kind of breaks the “stereotype” that all overhead jilbaabs MUST be in black or other dark tones and that we’ll…we cant have fun with color too. While I know some sisters prefer darker tones due to practicality or for feelings of extra modesty or even believing that dark tones are preferred for Muslim women in Islam….still its nice having the option of color.  I generally prefer darker tones myself…mainly for practicality but at times I’m not adverse to splashing out with color.

Most of the major jelbab producers in France have out new tones for the spring/summer and fall…such as burgundy, light pink, a brownish pink, water blue and even a very light taupe. Ive…for some reason I cant quite fathom become really rather intrigued by the pale pink jelbabs…LOL…and im NOT a pink-fan at all…but its just so unexpected, totally un-like me yet muted…I dunno…its rather intriguing…

A rose pale jelbab set in the butterfly cut…one of many different cuts and colors these fab jelbabs come in!


So what do you think? would you go for a pale pink jelbab?

Also…since I *know * I will be asked…:-)…yes the shops stocking jelbabs which are listed under my links do carry jelbabs in pale pink and other colors…just poke through them. Also I still have in stock a small number of colored jelbabs as well.


12 thoughts on “Colored jelbab confections…

  1. I’m not sure I’d actually rock a pale pink myself on a regular occasion (perhaps for a special event/holiday), but I do like how it looks. Especially like the one sister pictured above who paired it with the jean jacket. I think it gives a very youthful and fun look to modesty.

  2. I bought a ‘rose pale’ one because I LOVE pink, and I ended up really disappointed – I would definitely call it ‘mauve.’ It has a distinct purplish-gray tinge that just doesn’t flatter me at all. I like the color, but it just makes me look sick. I’ve found a lot of the colors available really suit an olive skin tone and not so much a pinkish one. I do have a light blue one that I like though. I’m hoping to come across one of the ’bouteille vert’ jade/teal colored ones (like the sister in the bottom picture) because I think those would suit.

    • salaamu alaikum…ohh i llove mauve! sis, bismillah boutique has the jade green one in stock in the jupe evasee, microfiber version and the 1 piece microfiber version…take a peep.

      • JAK! After I got the mauve one and was so disappointed I didn’t look again, I’ll have to do that now!

      • Oh man, couldn’t find it. I think sometimes they sell out really fast? I know when I bought my ‘rose pale’ one, right after I bought it I was looking again and they were gone. But now I’m seeing a ‘taupe rose’ in the 1 piece new caviary but there’s no picture, I’m very curious about that color. Probably not enough to buy it just to see, though.

  3. Assalaamu alaykum. While I’m liking the pink, I think it would do my skintone no favours. I have however had my eye on the “prune clair” one for a while and am totally in love with it. I’m loving the left-hand one in the bottom picture: it looks a kind of petrol greeny blue. Now THAT I would rock!

  4. MashaAllah! Here in UK we wear this type of style jilbab. We havedone for years! MashaAllah the rose colour and alike are usally what the somalian sisters sell in their stores. The darker an neutral tones the Carribean and Arab muslin’s tend to sell. Love this blog mashaAllah.

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