Stay tuned for a swimsuit giveaway!

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Ah yes sisters…stay tuned for next weekend as I will have an awesome review of a Islamic swimsuit (yes, I plan to rock it at the city pool. LOL).


If that isnt awesomeness enough…they are being even MORE awesome by doing a swimsuit giveaway to one lucky reader of my blog! Mash’Allah!!!

I’m soo excited..arent you?  So…keep your eyes peeled. It’ll be open for 48hours and then I will draw the winner and the winner will choose the suit and ofcourse the size which she wants! (details will be posted then…shhh!)

Best of luck!


4 thoughts on “Stay tuned for a swimsuit giveaway!

  1. Mashallah, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to hear your review. I’m in the market for a new suit for my daughter. This is probably the last year she can wear the one she has.

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