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bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

I just found this rather intriguing video from 2004 which brings into focus the then new French ban on the headscarf in public schools…its quite interesting actually…ofcourse I couldnt help but roll my eyes and scowl when the Persian lady starts reading from her book trashing on the hejab and rolling out with “The Mullahs” and violence against women and hejab = inferiority of women…uh, really? ofcourse they have to roll out THAT front-cuz those types hate everything about the faith anyway…LOL…le typical. Other than that “delightful” bit…the rest of the video was decent and neutral.


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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    So glad my ancestors left France 400 yrs ago! I don’t understand why anyone would want to go in live in France. Why not choose somewhere else or why not leave? First France colonized them and made them practically give up their religion and language (ask an Algerian for example) and now they want to go there and deal with the same mentality. Try Canada instead. You can continue speaking French and you can practice your religion. Just avoid Quebec which is trying so hard to be a petit France. As for the converts I can relate to them of course and can understand why they want to stay and fight. Perhaps justice can come through them.

  2. Nothing to do with this subject: sorry! I just wanted to say, here in Britain, we’re getting very excited about the Olympics. Last week, I went to the Olympic Park. Lots of Muslimahs there, very chic, with an understated elegance, unlike the rest of us, eg, the guy dressed as a kangeroo (even in England, that’s hot!) My point is, ladies, what about a bit of Olympic spirit? What about the flag of your choice as a headscarf? I know you don’t want to stand out: honestly, in the Olympic Park, you’d have to wear a flag as an abaya to blend in, a flag as a headscarf would be conservative in the extreme. I saw several ladies in Union Jack material made into a maxi: would have made a good abaya. I know you have a serious reason for your clothes and I don’t mean to cause offense (if I do: sorry!) I just thought it would be nice to see some of our Muslim sisters joining in with the Olympic fun in this way. Love to you all, Sarah.

    • Hi, it wouldn’t be permissible for a Muslim woman to wear a union flag or St Georges cross as an abaya or headscarf because they are Christian crosses, that’s why they are called ‘the cross of st such and such’, orthodox Jews, Mormons and even many Christians of various mainstream denominations would not go near wearing the British flag as a fashion as they’d consider it religiously unacceptable or in the case of Christians belittling the cross. Like you said there were many Muslim women in the olympic park (and I know several working right inside the main stadium) why does it bother you so much that they have to wear garb made out of the union flag to prove they are joining in the Olympic spirit, not offensive but just incredibly bizarre and sadly yet another example of Muslims being expected to go a mile extra than everyone else to prove they are fitting in? And yes I am white and British been Muslim nearly 20 years, never had an urge to dress up in a union jack pre Islam and never had the urge since.

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