Abaya brooches

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

ooohhh…what do you think about these???

Brooches for your abayaat…to spice up a dull, everyday number into something fabulous for a sisters party, eid or just to dress up for the Mall.

Courtesy of NY-based Islamic Gems

Really…I think they are a fabulous idea!! mash’Allah…esp as in the gulf right now…all the abaya designs feature embroidery and work on the shoulders and chest area…so its quite trendy.


8 thoughts on “Abaya brooches

  1. Oh wow this is smoking h-o-t! Seriously such a nice idea…and the best part of it is it’s intricate and detailed. I’ve recently been getting into using more accessories (thanks to my mum!).

    How’d you discover this? Definitely worth checking out this e-store.

  2. Looks nice but pricey! There is a store selling similar on etsy but a much wider variety and prices are a lot cheaper as well

  3. Well I stand corrected on the lot cheaper part as the prices seem to have shot up (or perhaps the cheaper pieces sold)

    • I just checked out Islamic Gems Facebook page and there’s a sale/code posted where you can receive 40% off the total order: Ramadan40. Also if you spend $75 you get free shipping.

      I think I’ve OD’d on shopping so will sit this one out, but in case other sisters are interested wanted to share the info.

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