A black Dunyasi Pardesu on Vacation…OOTW

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

First off...EID MOBAREK!!!

For the first time in God only knows hooowww many years I actually got a chance to go on a vacation of sorts twice in one summer. Before you get all ‘evil eye” (cheshm-e bad) on me…know that that is incredibly rare! i’m lucky if we go anywhere for the summer…but since last year was so exhausting I made sure we went somewhere else right after school ended and before Ramadhan began and then later one of my relatives invited my son and I down to the DC area for a few days. Alhamdullah. It was a nice break…soon it’ll be back to the work!

Two  interesting things happened…first, I did do the UNTHINKABLE…I packed lightly…for the first time ever I really kept my word about keeping our clothing to the barest minimum and just packing a bookbag and side sachel with our stuff…and I did it! Sure by day four I was sick and tired of the same outfit I was constantly wearing…but the fact that I was traveling lightly was worth it…plus I had access to laundry facilities….so yes sisters…packing lightly IS possible…although very dull and boring…but still…its possible! (and im someone who will pack atleast 3-4 jilbabs, abayaat or manteau for a 5 day trip!)

I took with me the gorgeous Aker silk scarf which I reviewed from Modefa and a black Dunyasi Pardesu from E-Tesettur in Turkey. I  wore that every day, every time we went out.

I will review it more below, after the pictures…

OOTW pictures…

Ah, we couldnt resist this picture…baby pomegranates @ Mt. vernon…those in the know about Persian culture will understand…

Onto “interesting occurrence” number two..so we went down via Greyhound (yaaay!) and there was this Indonesian Muslimah on the bus with us, she was coming from across country to do some stuff in DC. Our departure was kind of delayed so while we sat around the bus station her and I got to talking and then when we arrived I gave her directions to the nearest Metro stop. Anyway…5 days later we do a last trip to the Smithsonian Museums and lo and behold…we run into her and her friend also going around the Smithsonian that day! yea…how weird is that! Go figure. Ofcourse we had to snap pics…just because..

It reminds me of how when on Omrah I actually ran into this friend of mine from University who also was on Omrah with her family as well…at the same time…we managed to bump into each other at the same store in Madinah…! Now tell me, how often does that happen?!?

Onto my review of the said black Dunyasi Pardesu… the pardesu itself is 3/4th length (which on me hits mid-calf) and was from a brand I hadnt seen before…i.e. Dunyasi Pardesu. Its I guess sort of a cheaper brand as gar as garments go..sort of like how Kayra or Armine is like Banana Republic…whereas Dunyasi Pardesu is sort of Old Navy. hah. Still…its a decent pardesu and it cut in the ever so hip/trendy “balloon” style which means it has pleats from the waist down which gives it more a dress look. I love how when you walk in it, it swishes around ~ Its actually very loose cut and modest with the pleats covering things a lot better than the traditional straight-cut style. Unfortunately for you and me E-Tesettur is completely out of stock of this brand right now although there are plenty of similar designs up from other companies…as I said, the pleated, balloon-y style is very trendy in Turkey right now….plus black is such a good color for traveling in…it doesn’t show stains, dirt or a lot of wear.

Thankfully this time I wised up and sized UP one size, simply because I wanted a more modest, baggier cut. One huge downside of the current trend for garments in Turkey right now is that they are almost all cut to be very figure accentuating., like nipped in waist, snug to the upper and lower bits…tight around the shoulders…basically quite ‘clothed but naked”. I am seriously against that trend and think its defeats the entire purpose OF an overgarment…BUT, alhamdullah I solved that problem by sizing up one size so its cut looser and more modest on me. I feel like its quite worth it, although the fabric is not of the highest quality (hey, its a cheaper brand!), due to the baggier sizing and balloon cut all the pleats air-flow and comfort is quite good with this pardesu. ..so it really did’nt bother me, and I wore it for a week straight, outside, everywhere…in the heat and sunshine…

pictures of the pardesu from the website.

My only real qualm is with the slightly less than fantastic  customer service which E-Tesettur has, they really dont understand that westerners are used to being told when an item ships, given tracking information (if applicable) and being assisted with choosing sizing…I do think they really should improve some aspects of their business, especially if the customer is a westerner. Ofcourse, being that really no other Turkish sites ship to the USA or accept PayPal…oh well,, I guess they can afford to not care… couple that with if your in the USA your ONLY shipping option with them is NEX which is a NYC based freight shipper…granted the package goes out on the next flight out of Turkey and is sent via NYC to where ever in the USA but its DARN EXPENSIVE and they refuse to consider cheaper shipping methods as they had problems in the past with packages going missing -But, along with that, they also need to get better with understanding western addresses…like placing the street numbers and zips in the proper locations. I think they could easily ship via Turkish Post or something like Turkish priority mail…I know HijabPlanet does this…yet they refuse…but if they got their act together with making sure addresses were correct this wouldnt be a concern now would it?

But…otherwise…its a very decent pardesu for the price and design. mash’Allah.

Here are some other similar designs…for sisters who have ample lower bits this style is quite a boon…just be sure to SIZE UP! (ignore the skinny jeans, heels and nipped in waists on the models!)


9 thoughts on “A black Dunyasi Pardesu on Vacation…OOTW

  1. I like your turkish style outfit mashaallah! This is the first time I see a pardesu from E-tesettur worn by someone else other than their models, and it’s quite modest and pretty indeed. Too bad it isn’t in stock anymore.

    • jazakh’Allah’Khairoon sister…yeah…I wish they were still in stock. Id go and get a blue one as I do like the cut…mash’Allah. There are some similar ones from Miss Yagmur.

  2. Indeed it is a nice style and looks modest on you masha’Allah.
    I hear you about the customer service. They should improve it not only for westerners but for all people because this is what is right,
    The Scarf you are wearing is 90 cm square? if yes how did you get to cover well?
    Jazaki Allaho Khayran sis

    • salaamu alaikum…I reckon the 90cm is the 36inches? I just make the triangle (kinda big) then pin under the chin and bring 1 edge over to cover my chin to the opp cheek, pin and take the opp edge to my shoulder and pin. It usually covers the chest adequately for me. Ive seen some conservative Turkish women do the same style.

  3. Salam sis
    Which size did you order? Their measurements seam so small, size 44 is barely an american size S! I don’t know what to choose.

    • asalaamu alaikum…well unfortunately e-tesettur is very blah when it comes to helping to choose a size! They have a size chart but its a generic size chart and not individualized to each brand as each Turkish clothing brand is slightly different with sizing. Some brands which target younger women tend to cut their clothing very slim-fitting and the sizing is smaller, others which are more established and have more older women shopping from them, or are known as more conservative clothing companies…like Setrms, Tekbir or Zuhre tend to cut their stuff more loosely. Unfortunately its a kr@p-shoot when choosing a size! The only thing I can tell you is generally if it says a “44” that means the bust width will be around 40inches or so, as generally their sizing is like 4 inches or so bigger than the actual bust width its cut at. Sorry I wont share my own size for obvious modesty reasons…but Ive learnt, that I just order 1 size bigger than I would think I would. Like lets say you think a size 44 may fit, if you want to assured of a modest fit just choose a 46. Know that Turkish stuff tends to be very slender fitting in the shoulders and waist as that is the trend right now. You can always try to email them and inquire but they will be of zero help! sorry! its trial and error.

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