I guess I was ahead of the trends…

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem.

A week ago when I was on Facebook I saw that one of the French Jelbab companies is now producing a 2 piece jelbab of the standard butterfly style worn with very wide-legged skirt-pants…I was like mash’Allah!  I was rockin’ that style a year and a half ago! LOOOL.

As evidenced by this post I made yea, about a year and a half ago. Just substitute the Shukr lengha jeans for the Shukr skirt-pant and voila…same look! Now I can say, I reckon others think the look is as awesome as I think it is. *muaaah*

Mimoza Hijab is currently stocking this ensemble in small quantities-I guess the manufactuers are “testing” the market.

(Al Manassik jelbab with “large” pants)

(Al Manassik jelbab with “large” pants)

(Al Manassik jelbab with “large” pants)

What do you think of this look? Personally I like it, but I would still favor the colored half jelbab over contrasting denim skirt-pants for a bit of a change.


10 thoughts on “I guess I was ahead of the trends…

  1. Wow, I love it! Not sure about the butterfly sleeves though – they look pretty but I think I’d find them impractical.

  2. Assalaamu alaykum. I’m loving this style and actually it’s the style I wear most days already. My pants are usually super-wide linen pants though in a contrasting colour to the jelbab. Might be nice to have a matching set though….!

  3. Salam alaikum and eid mubarak.
    looks interesting. Im a huge fan of the light sand colour, but wasnt able to find it anywhere… Ill hiope they produce some more. at the moment im back to all black overhead…

  4. just a question sisters ..do you wear this jelbab in a western country? do you encouter any problems with stares? I wear modest long and wide clothes with a scarf but not a jelbab.

    • asalaamu alaikum…yes…I think the French Jelbab is quite suited to western countries because they come in colors and are a 1 piece (or 2 piece if with a skirt) sort of an outfit which covers perfectly, is modest and is comfortable…personally I feel like if you cover for the grace of Allah subhana wa Ta’ala (fisab’Illah) then people looking really wont mean much if anything. Personally I prefer colors like green, blue, brown, more than black but thats a personal thing. I dont really think we should care too much about people staring us down…because someone will ALWAYS stare…thats human nature! We shouldnt love out lives according to whether someone stares at us or not…even someone going out in neon colors gets stared at. LOL. So really, who cares. If you cover fisab’Illah…then really…it doesnt matter too much. Also I wear both the shoulder jelbab (coat/manteau) and the overhead jelbab it just depends on my mood more or less.

    • Yes… As I said, I have several websites under links which r in France that sell jelbabs, Mimoza is one of many, all just resell the big brands Cept for al Moultazimoun which prod. and sells their own designs.

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