Boutique Hijabi in Canada stocks French Jelbabs!

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

I know some of the sisters who read this blog from the USA and Canada are loath to order overseas but would like to order a French Overhead Jelbab…well, guess what, I found out about a store in Montreal, Canada which stocks both the Al-Manassik and El Bassira brands of overhead jelbab sets!  alhamdullah.

The shop is called Boutique Hijabi

You can order via the sisters Facebook page…she is very prompt and shipping to the USA is very reasonable as are the prices.

Here are some examples of the lush overhead jelbabs she stocks…she told me she has ALL of the Al-Manassik colors! Which astounds me…as they make like 23 or 26 colors of jelbabs…mash’Allah.



5 thoughts on “Boutique Hijabi in Canada stocks French Jelbabs!

  1. These are nice mashaAllah. The teal and dark pink shades I thought were a breath of fresh air. I recently brought some wonderful garments mashaAllah from Al Moutazimoon, France and I was soo pleased with the garments. Flowing and tailored well.

  2. JazkahAllah khair for sharing sis as I know you’ll be getting busy with school again. Inshallah I’ll check her out.

  3. Salam alaikum

    Im still trying to find a light beige jilbab; its seems liek Im not the only one who likes this colour so much. I could only find a light beige coloured skirt in my fav muslimclothingstore but I want the full jilbab.
    Lol but the creme coloured one is nice too.

    Ur blog is wonderful

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