Remember IDH StyleIn? The new designs are up!

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Do you all remember how Islamic Design House had a lot of publicity going with their Style In 2011?

Well, last evening I checked the Islamic Design House USA website to see if some of the new designs up on the UK site have finally trickled down to the USA site. LOL, when I spotted some new and highly un-IDH designs under their new jilbaab/abayaat section. As it turns out the designs from the 3 winners of the 2011 StyleIn are finally on the market and ready for purchase from both the USA and UK sites.

I did a bit of digging and found the original design sketches…its neat seeing how they went from on the paper to on a model! I am digging…totally digging that denim and jersey number. How swishy and lush.

I believe the winning design was this one…

These 2 next ones were the second and third place winners…


I like that they are trying to move away from the “sporty” styles and are going into some more elegant territory.


16 thoughts on “Remember IDH StyleIn? The new designs are up!

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Hate to say it but the designs are so much nicer than what they actually produced. Wish they would have made them the way they were supposed to be but IDH has their own style that they want to follow. Speaking of them IDH in Canada does not answer any facebook messages or questions on their website. I am really disappointed with them and therefore have ordered nothing from them. Hope they change their customer relations soon.

    • Yea…hmm…dunno about IDH Canada…I know if you send an inquiry from the USA page it goes as a ticket and is answered by someone who works with IDH (worldwide)…???

      • Yah, they (IDH Canada) sends a ticket with a number, but it takes forever for someone to actually respond to said ticket. You as the consumer has to make updates to the ticket by logging in and saying “hello, still waiting” or else you may end up with an email weeks later saying “we are closing this ticket.” That reminds me, I need to go and log in and update my ticket!

      • Whow sister…thats *ridiculous*!!! Obviously their customer service needs to be fixed as there is really no excuse, esp as IDH is almost as big as Shukr if not the same size…c’mon, Shukr is prompt…all versions…(from what ive heard)…why is IDH so behind the times? The USA one is relatively fast, I told them I wanted to return sumthin recently and I got a reply in like 3 days…but if they were like the Canada site..ohh not cool! I really loath poor customer service on the part of larger scale Islamic stores…like I know if a sister is running a small thing from home or out of a small boutique I can understand waiting…but a big company with stores everywhere and versions here and there…what???!?

      • asalaamu alaikum…sister…fyi, a rep from the IDH (main) contacted me to let me know they were not aware of these problems with the Canadian customer service and looking into whats going on, on the Canadian reps side to make the customer service so slow! en’sha’Allah you’ll see an improvement.

  2. I agree with the other commenter, the second design would have been amazing had they made it anything like the original design on paper.

    • asalaamu alaikum…true true. But I reckon perhaps sheer economics played a role…most IDH buyers wouldnt pay what it would probably actually cost to produce such a design, so they did a more watered-down, economic version…which btw I still do really like the design they produced…its still unique, ofcourse not AS nice as the actual design on paper…but its fairly close and at $75 more in line with IDH prices. Frankly…all of these designs are a step up from the usual IDH styles which most I just find quite dull…esp the Sporty line. Props for trying…en’sha’Allah over time they may do a higher priced line which reproduces the designs more accurately.

      • This company is based in the UK and there are very few places internationally where fabrics are cheaper than here, so they could have afforded to have made the designs closer to the originals at least in terms of fabrics. With the second design; it is true it would not work 100% as on paper as its very difficult to combine a true jeans type denim and a fine silk, they just drape too differently and the denim would probably rub on the silk parts and wear them out. However they could have easily; and quite economically used a tencel/modal type denim as it looks like they have on the finished design anyway, along with a good quality synthetic chiffon or georgette; or even a silky fine jersey fabric with more of a similar print to the original. The Victorian Vintage one; they really killed it by changing the palette used from neutral browny taupe shades; to insipid pinky purply pastel shades-which suit hardly anyone. Also the design is now more 1980s than 1880s 😀

  3. I agree. I have never been interested in their “sporty” look. These are much more appealing to me. Personally if I could find someone to make the second abaya the way it was actually designed I’d totally rock it and that’s not even my usual style lol.

  4. Salaamz,

    I am in agreement with the other commenters. The nicely designs were beautiful, but the end products were lackluster in comparison. The first one looks like a cheap rendition, and the last two just look like they were loosely inspired.

    Pity, because they are all breathtaking designs! MashAllah, the ladies who designed them have got talent!

  5. I like the blue jeans one.
    But this the abaya`s they make are all too short for me.
    Some webshops in Holland sell them too.

    XO Arezu

    • It is all too short for me as well… So annoying. Women do grow taller than 5′ 8″. I have not bought an abaya since leaving Saudi Arabia because it is a hit and miss. I end up looking like I am waiting for the next great flood to happen 😦 .

  6. wow, you’ve been busy!…Thanks so much for doing the digging and tracking down the original designs as I had too wondered what the original designs were when I first saw them posted on the UK site (and like you too waited till they trickled down and finally available on the US site…FYI: they still haven’t posted it on the Canadian site yet). I really like the first jilbab; the other two, not so much. The third design looks so much better than the actual produced piece.

    I seem to be in the minority as I am totally in love with IDH designs normally. I love that they have normal sized sleeves so it’s easy to don a cardigan over it and change up a seemingly “sporty” jilbab into something a bit more pulled together; and then when you leave work, remove said cardi and have a fun laid back look. Plus, I’ve love their summer weight jilbabs (sooo wonderful in this humid weather)!!! I love pockets and most of their designs have pockets. Some of their “sporty” designs are bit over the top, but in general I find myself gravitating towards IDH more than other brands recently.

    Anyway, I do agree with the other sister who noted issues with Canada site. Although I live in the states, I have purchased my IDH jilbabs from the Canadian site (had older stock and “my” size, the US site tends to run out of stock quickly and stay out of stock longer **like right now with the new designs***)…That said, seriously the customer service on the Canadian site leaves MUCH to be desired. I’m still waiting on an exchange jilbab to be sent (and I’ve emailed the contact person and gotten zero response)… Maybe they are short staffed but they could definitely improve in this area: Shukr Online has them beat hands down in customer service/responsiveness!

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