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bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

We are busy getting ready to go back to school (me!) and work (dh!) now that fall is upon us…so I havent had much time to update things. I am still working on getting some nice pictures of the Al-Athari overhead abaya…so bare with me…another few days. en’sha’Allah and it’ll be up.

Anyway, there was a bit of discussion about the pale rose color of jelbab from El Bassira. I have one and I must say I do like the color. Ages back I got one in their “vieux rose” (ancient rose) and I found it was this odd brownish-pink which washed me out. This pale rose is like a mauve-ish pink tone hich surprisingly works with my skintone. Its a color I would generally never consider buying but lately Ive been drawn to these colors which I always found strange…hehehehe…pink, burgundy, mauve…taupe….I dont know, I guess age is wrecking its havoc on my brain!
Here is a snap from outside…we took a walk and I wore it. I wore it a few days ago and really, have found the color to be quite suitable. Its a 1 piece jelbab in microfiber. its a medium-weight fabric which is considered all-season, Its definetly not as airy as the light microfiber but I prefer the regular microfiber as its a bit weightier so I feel like covers everything better but doesnt drag my head down or give me a neck ache. I usually try to go for the 2 piece sets now, but I donno…i felt nostalgic and got a 1 piece. heh

The only read drawbacks (2 sofar) that ive found about the color is…1…it shows  stains and water really if I am sipping a coffee and a bit drips…voila…its quite obvious or a few days ago, I noticed there was sweat marks around my hairline where the narrow back headband was positioned. I was a bit peeved about that. Plus as its a lighter tone it shows the shape a bit more when its windy. Hence when its windy and im walking I hold it away from me like I would do with a Gulf overhead.  These concerns arent usually obvious with darker toned jelbabs…but still…its a nice color, kind of unexpected and come winter it’ll look nice with a brown hoodie or cardigan.

What do you all think?
BTW for those of you who are trying to get your hands on a bottle green jelbab…Bismillah Boutique has some in the light microfiber designs… but they sell out super fast…


7 thoughts on “Pale Rose jelbab…

  1. Jazakahallah khair for the review and pic. I contacted the sister from Bismillah Boutique but couldn’t decide on a color yet so I haven’t placed my order yet. I really like this one but thanks for the heads up on the minor issues. I’ll keep those in mind if I actually do get this color because I do like it. I wish I could get a one piece but I’m still nursing for a while yet inshallah.

  2. salam alaikum

    I dont wear light pink colours but I know about the problems with lighter fabrics. I tend to hold the 2 piece like a chador when its windy… but after all theres nothing better then a microfiber fabric in summer.


  3. MashaAllah i’m liking the colour sis; looks real nice! I’m in love with the jade green and prune clair myself but think DH isnt ready for yet another purchase just yet. Hehe.

  4. It does look good, but indeed it has to suit your skintone.
    This color doesn`t look good with my skin, because i will look very pale
    and ill.
    Colors like darker brown, darker red, darker purple look better on me.
    I`m an autumn girl 🙂


  5. Asalaamu’alaykum,
    Sis can u write up a post on how to wear the overhead jilbab properly? I can never seem to get it right, I bought so many and I find myself adjusting them constantly.. I like wearing them with the ties on the outside but it seems to have to neat, it needs to be tied impossibility tight. Any tips?

  6. assalaamu aleikum,

    i just popped in while looking for a somali hip length khimar. didn’t manage to read all your posts (yet 😉 ), but i definitely will when my wee one goes to sleep in sha allah, cause i already like this place, ma sha allah. 🙂

    ma assalaamah

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