…The WINNER of the Al Sharifa swimsuit giveaway!

…sister AREZU of the Netherlands has won the Al Sharifa swimsuit give away!!!!

I will be contacting you shortly and will also be contacting Al Sharifa to give them your contact details!

everyone say Mash’Allah!

**Note, i’m a complete dunce…LOL…I had rigged up some big video of the drawing…LOL…yes, but then after I DID the drawing and as I thought, the video…I checked and dof! The darn thing hadnt recorded anything. My heart sank…but, I didnt feel right about re-running the drawing and re-choosing as I choose sister Arezu from the drawing.  I hope you all don’t mind. I had wanted to have this fun video. oh well…


6 thoughts on “…The WINNER of the Al Sharifa swimsuit giveaway!

  1. Salam aleykum,

    SubhanAllah i`m sooooo happy!
    I danced around the house when i found out i was the winner.
    Thank you so much dear umm Ibrahim.
    And of course many thanks for Al Sharifa too.

    Thanks dear sisters for your nice comments.
    I will definitely give an update about the swimsuit.

    Big hug and kiss Arezu

  2. Assalaamu alaykum. MashaAllah sis, well done! My suit has finally gone to holes so AlSharifa inshallah will be getting custom from me soon.

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