Fall/Winter Turkish silk scarves now out + fall sale!

bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem


Its that time of the year again…all the big Turkish tesettur fashion “houses” are releasing their Fall/Winter scarf, overgarment and clothing designs…

On the lush silk scarf end,  Armine, Karaca and Aker (all biggies) have their new lines up for fall and winter…I must say I really am liking them-especially the Aker and Karaca ones. I do find the Armine ones to be a bit generic looking (they seem to go for a very conservative theme each season) where as the Aker ones are very wild and splashy and rather different….the Karaca ones are definetly getting a bit splashier too…more along the lines of Aker.

Modefa in the USA stocks the new (and old) Aker and Armine lines…

**Update…I just noticed that Modefa is having a fall sale to promote the new fall/winter silk scarves!  With each scarf you get a matching undercap and pin…mash’Allah

HijabPlanet which is based in Turkey carries the Karaca line as well along with some Europe silk scarf designers.

As an unrelated sidenote…One thing which always pops in my mind when I am gandering over the pictures of the silk scarves from Aker, Karaca and Armine is how generic and slightly un-realistic the models are! I know that fashion photography is all about the usage of unrealistic-looking women as models…but still, I sometimes think that companies catering to Muslims and esp. Muslim women who cover should use more realistic models. I like how this season, Karaca is using a model who looks more normal and everyday . Whereas Armine continues to use the sameee model…over and over…and over again. She is very photogenic, mash’Allah but just shes used tooo much as a model by Armine, c’mon, bring in some fresh faces!…Perhaps more realistic ones!!! Ditto for Aker with the extremely skinny (tooo skinny) model…c’mon, give the girl some rice and baklava!!!


2 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Turkish silk scarves now out + fall sale!

  1. yeah i agree the models always look so porcelain doll like when we all know not even the models themselves look that good lol they really need to change it up.
    Also was wondering when you will be doing your review on the Al-Athari piece? was really looking forward to that inshallah.
    Love that u make no excuses for promoting correct hijab mashallah.

  2. I like the shade of green in that last picture but I don’t care much for the giant feathers….I actually never bought any of these brands silk scarves before, none of them really screamed out to me, the prints just aren’t my style. I saw only 1 silk scarf that last time we were in Turkey that I really REALLY wanted but husband wasn’t going to let me buy it….I don’t know the brand but it was made by a local company in Bursa, not any of these brands.

    …I still think about it….

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