Where have they all gone?

bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem

There are a few clothing websites which have been around for awhile which I sometimes check on and they seem like they have been abandoned…like no new stock-pretty much ever, they never reply to your emails and basically they just are there…but…thats about it.

Case in point… if anyone knows whats going on with these sites…please share!

Primo Moda…USA based, carried Turkish stuff before other people did…along with random stuff from a French muslimah designer…I never see any updates.

CaravanXpress…USA based, this is like the ORIGINAL islamic clothing shop from back in da day…yea, in the 90’s they put out a video catalog on VHS then moved to a paper catalog…I still remember being in my teens, hanging with the sisters and we would be passing around their yearly catalog, oogling all the puffy, pleated numbers which we all wanted to order so badly (via snail mail, with a MO or Check. LOL)…then they moved to online and which they do occasionally restock…I think they restocked an abaya style last year…they NEVER EVER reply to your emails and otherwise appear basically abandoned…shame, shame…

Next is…

BintQ…USA based, well known from Philly. Apparently a sister business of The Islamic Place. Unfortunately…they NEVER reply to any email of inquiry (no, im not the only one who has said this, I know atleast 3 sisters inrl who want something from them but wont order without replying to an email…LOL). OK, I dont live that far from Philly but im not about to go there just to shop! Thats what in the internet and USPS is for. LOL…They rarely update and again…never any replies. I know sisters who have BintQ stuff, but they bought it IN Philly at the Islamic Place.  Whats up with them?

Really, if anyone knows whats up with these shops…do share…because if your website is still active and you have products up, then its still findable via a search engine…and well…there go your customers! Any others…?



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  1. Assalaamu alaykum. Actually it really annoys we when shops do this. I wanted to order a few little bits from CaravanXpress a couple of years back but it took too long and too many emails to get a shipping quote that I wasnt convinced the items would ever arrived and thus abandoned the idea.
    There was another popular hijab shop (cant remember the name) which i won a prize draw for but when i emailed to claim my prize they never replied then just vanished after a while. Didnt so much care about the prize but would have happily paid for the items cos i loved them so much!

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I have no idea but just before I read this I read that LoveUnspoken relocated to Atlanta and is not really in business right now but is focusing on hair care. Also Islamic Design House in Canada is having trouble with their website and weren’t answering any of my questions so I became leery and didn’t order (couldn’t get my free shipping like they offered or my discount). However IDH in the UK said they are trying to fix the website and that you can still order but no one in Canada will respond to you. I missed out on a lovely jilbab I wanted and its sold out everywhere and they won’t be making it again. Sigh….You can also order from other IDH sites like the UK or US and a few others. They are really branching out!

    • Walaykumus salaam… I can personally attest to the issues with IDH Canada. I finally spoke with a sister there (many emails and online tickets inquiring about an exchange order)…the sister mentioned that they have both an online and retail store. Their system will not process/update/sync retail purchases w online purchases. I’m supposed to receive my exchange some time this week insha’allah. Will let you know if/when it comes.

      I will try IDH US from now on. It’s just that the US site sells out my size quickly and doesn’t really restock so that’s why I went to the Canada site in the first place…but I’m going to take a break fr Canada. Too much hassle!

  3. I’m one of those who bought from The Islamic Place in real life but would never order from them online; I put some stuff in my basket once and the shipping was only $2-to the UK? I knew that couldn’t have been right. So I emailed them and they never responded and this was nearly 3 years ago now. While I was in their store I did see them taking orders over the phone but online I don’t think they are cut out for it, same as many businesses in Philly-not sure why.

    It’s such a shame as in real life The Islamic Place gets a whole new collection of abayas and men’s thawbs that their in-house designers have had made, in about once every 6 weeks and their store is beyond massive, the pictures on the actual Islamic Place website only show about 1/4 of the store and are about 3 years out of date. They could do extremely well on an international scale if they sorted their online presence, I’ve never come across such good quality Islamic clothing from a company based in the US or UK before, my DH has a thawb from there from nearly 4 years ago he wears it at least 2x a week and its only just now starting to pill on the underside of the button fastening-somewhere where no-one sees it, otherwise it looks brand new mashaAllaah, ditto for the Shalwar Kameez I got him. I still have several of the abayaat I got too, only got rid of a couple as I didn’t have the space for them.

    Another site that has pretty much been abandoned is At-thiyaab; the site was hacked a while ago and never been fixed, and the product selections were never updated since 2008 when they first went online. Just checked back now and there is some black text saying ‘new website coming soon’ on the front page but do not click the other links on google as they contain malware. I’m not a fan of all their garments and I had a lot of trouble trying to order custom made items from them, but a lot of sisters really fit well into their ready made stuff and if they sorted their distribution and website they could be onto a winner.

  4. i just bought a black dress from bintq. i gotta be honest i really hated it. the fabric felt like something you make a cheap raincoat out of . that was just a month or so ago.

  5. Was it one of their ‘casual’ abayas? Or the sporty ones? They are made in really cheap and nasty fabric, its worth paying that bit extra because the quality of the ‘designer’ range is 10 times better. To be honest the stuff they put on their site is the worst that they have in their store; its very disappointing and I don’t know why they do this. Same with brother’s thawbs; they have recently put some on their main site but a horrible design in horrible nylony fabric, nothing like those they have in their store. We were so impressed with the store merchandise that if we ever visit the US again we’ll be staying in Philly just to go there; over here its impossible for my OH to get decently fitting thawbs and under trousers; as a £XL is often too small; there even the size L is on the large side for him.

    • yup it was the casual ones. i just wanted an uber plain abaya that i could just lounge around in, but nope, it was terrible. so im going to save up and order another one from boutique al khaleejia because theirs is the best

  6. OMG…caravanXpress, I was right there with you UmmIbrahim! that brings back lotsa memories!! I bought my first cotton jilbab from them via check eons ago!!! I’m not sure what happened to them b/c well with advent of Shukr I sort of moved away from them.

    I was on Primo’s site not too long ago and felt the same way…

  7. I want to know what happened to Star Scarves. You can add things to your shopping bag and start checking out, but then there is no where to enter credit card info, so they obviously are closed even though they didn’t take down the site.

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