Turkish “Insta-Party” scarves & shals…

Bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem

Once again, gotta hand it to the Turkish “tesettur” designers…they come up with the most interesting designs… Now there is instant party scarves and shals being sold on Turkish tesettur websites! So instead of having to spend a long time forming a fancy scarf style or paying someone to do it for you…you can just buy a pre-formed/styled one and snap it on.

From what I know about the trend for the specialty party scarves (I believe called abiye esarp) Its kind of a trend amongst Turkish hejab-wearing women to have a very fancy scarf made up to match their gown. Like so…

Or like this…I found this video on YouTube, actually its not such a difficult to do style and there are some “tips/tricks” for achieving the Turkish scarf style in it…can we say hairspray?

But, craftyness aside…the scarf company AİŞE, is producing a ready-made party scarf design AND shal design.  I must say…quite neat. Ofcourse, you can get them via E-Tesettur (just be prepared for the extravagant shipping costs!)

One huge downside to these though is the utter lack of any chest coverage…it solely covers the head and neck and well, thats about it. But, one could remedy that by choosing a gown which can be accessorized by a  coordinating shawl wrapped around the shoulders and bust when around the non-mahrams…

On the pre-formed shaylah (shal) front…they have these…actually…neat idea and you could indeed get some decent coverage from them if the ends are draped to achieve that.

Then there is this one which I found…its not on the e-tesettur website. Rather reminds me of a praire bonnet.


7 thoughts on “Turkish “Insta-Party” scarves & shals…

  1. I’m not very crafty and I always wondered how to make these special occasion style hijabs. I think it’s a neat idea and like you said you can still make sure to cover the chest with a shawl or jacket!

    • hey. you know its not that hard if you know what your doing. you just need to have someone to style on, because you cant do it to yourself. i love these, even though im not muslim i really want to wear a scarf like this when i get married, i like it way more than a regular veil.

  2. Interesting, I’ve seen stuff like that before (not ready to wear though) and wondered how they did that.
    I like the colors of the dress in the first picture.

  3. I kinda like the concept of that last bonnet thing. I’m not about spending a lot of time fiddling with my hijab to look a certain way, so I like to keep checking out the “ready to go” ones, of which there aren’t as many variations as one might expect. I don’t think I’d actually wear this bonnet as shown…. but I think the concept has promise, especially with the different type of closure there.

  4. The last scarfs/bonnetstyles are cute.

    I prefer a shal myself and not too much accessoires on my head.
    And if you go to a weddingparty you can go without hijab, because you will
    be with women. (only the way to the location you can trhow/wrap a shal over your head).

    • asalaamu alaikum…yup I agree. Althou personally although I know you can go sans hejab (entire modest dress) around women, personally I and many sisters prefer to still wear hejab around other women, unless we know them very very well as some women will tell their husbands or brothers how a sister looks sans her cobvering or even, nowadays take pictures or videos on their phones! But, all that aside. I think the whole thing behind these fancy party scarves is the sisters wearing them will mlost likely be in a MIXED party around non-mahram men along with women…hence the wearing of a long sleeved gown and a scarf. BUT…unfortunately, its pointless as the whole mixed party thing is not permissable anyway and if you MUST go…its best to go in your hejab…like overgarment and scarf…not something fancy like a party gown which is tight and a fancy scarf! I always see on FB these sisters posting pictures from their wedding and they are dancing infront of men with their new husband in a skin tight and heavily decorated gown and fancy scarf…so…I dont see the hejab in those situations and hejab is not just a scarf but is the entire ensemble plus modest behavior…so how is it modest for a man or woman to be dancing before members of the opposite gender? Allahu alim. I would go for a fancy Turkish party scarf with a plain black or colored abaya or jilbab for a weddings or other thing where I know both genders will be attendance. In Iran…I always just keep my chador on at weddings, even though they are always 100% segregated and just women…even if most women are in skirts and tank tops…because some women take videos, esp when the women dance! auzhoobillah!

  5. The inner child in me wants the bonnet one! I had such a Little House On The Prarie obsession as a kid. *making plans to buy bonnet scarf and a covered wagon.* Really though, the kid in me really wants it for nostalgia purposes LOL

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