Teenage street style “avec jelbab”…

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile now…basically I wanted to share the “street styles” of French Muslim TEENAGED sisters who wear the jelbab.  They have a cute and edgy way of rocking their jelbabs. I get the feeling that a lot of them have purposely adopted the jelbab vs. say just a tunic and scarf as a way of showing society that they are Muslims and proud of it and to heck with it, if mainstream society thinks they aren’t integrated enough. mash’Allah. I like how they always manage to look so modest (usually) while keeping it youthful with the Converse or Nike’s, eye-popping purses and usually the requisite headsets. LOL

What do you think?  im not a huge fan of Polyvore…but I figured id try my hand at mimicing the style. They love their lightweight cardigans and jackets over their jelbabs, the sporty shoes and catchy purses…I could also see a hip mama rockin’ this style too.  Man, I wanna pair of neon pink converse high-tops now! LOL

teenaged jelbab set

(Jelbabs can be had from the shops in France which are listed on my links…just go through them, you’ll see…)

10 thoughts on “Teenage street style “avec jelbab”…

    • salaam, im not entirely sure I get the link between overhead jelbab with a jacket and a raincoat…??? I think its a pretty fly look actually and I give those young sisters props for dressing in proper hejab in a society which considers them as outsiders because they choose to assert their commitment to their faith.

  1. I think it’s super cute. I’ve always been hesitant to wear sneakers with my jilbabs or abayas but I see more people doing it that I don’t feel shy about it anymore. Just need some cuter ones lol. I do more walking in our new area so sneakers are more ideal. I am so pleased to see these young muslimahs embracing proper islamic dress. I wish more young people would instead of giving in to the mainstream fashion scene.

  2. I love this idea. Correct hijab mixed with funky shoes and bags..they are not making their hijab cute and funky like many youtube muslimahs who think hijab is a just a piece of clothing to be modelled with pouted lips and stick on clothing. These french sisters are much more elegant and beautiful without even trying that hard.
    I always had a feeling high tops and jilbab would work and now its given me that push to wear it here in oz. Love the long body wrap bags; they suit jilbab wearers perfectly.
    Loving ure posts..its dawah in an intelligent way mashallah.

  3. I agree with sister Jundub, I am really proud of our young sisters in France who are trying there best to cover properly MashaAllaah…..its very rare seeing the youth rocking out with the jelbaab ..If you don’t mind me asking you sister, you know this site link that you posted http://mimoza-hijab.fr is it safe to shop there?
    I was browsing through and the jelbaabs they sell in there look really nice thinking of buying some InshaAllaah..Just wanted to be sure because I don’t want to get scammed or anything.
    BarakAllaahu Feeki.

    • Wa salaam no sis because she sells the El Bassira brand and other common Jelbab brands in France much like Bismillah Boutique and Nabira do as well. Only Al Moultazimoun makes and sells its own designs… Everyone else just resells the big brands. I’ve posted enough about el bassira, al mannasik and al Moultazimoun… Just see my archives

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