Just because…

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

I have a small stash of very random pictures which I have been meaning to use somehow…somewhere but c’est le vie…cant find a post…so here they be…

I think this is just a beautiful picture…mash’Allah…such contrasts…

I prefer to rock kicks with my abayaat and jilbaabs…cuz I walk like 2-3-4 miles a day urban mama that I be… LOL

This picture oozes middle of summer… and wait, does the sister in the middle have on a Indian choli?  LOL

Who says you cant climb in a chador??? Not I…

Le super FAUX PAS!!!!


Um…no…perhaps they should choose a new company name! Whatcha think?



8 thoughts on “Just because…

      • Ooooh…I dunno, anytime I see a Muslim man out in a teeshirt and shorts with his headscarf or niqab clad wife I get a bit peeved…cuz it just looks bad and gives a bad impression of Muslims to non-Muslims…who invariably think…why is she all covered up in this heat but hes not…? LOL. Now, the “cholo” style shorts arent too bad, those are like almost to the ankle…but im talking regular shorts and a teeshirt. I just think it looks really off…esp with a wife following all covered up. Thats just how I see it.

      • Salamoualeikoum
        muslim men have to cover themselves from navel to knees so I don’t see the problem. Furthermore, each his choice, my husband is less strict than me about clothes and i personnaly don’t care about what non-muslims think or don’t think.
        Just my point of view.

      • wa alaikum as salaam…I’m kind of at a loss as to understand why this one picture is getting people all rilled up…? well, to each their own. I still think its a faux pas, doesnt look right and a Muslim man shouldnt be going out in shorts anyway with a covered wife…also, many Muslim men consider shorts immodest too, and rightly so. Its like seeing brothers in tank tops and skin tight shorts or pants out with their covered wives…its just not modest. Also…we cover for the sake of Allah…NOT for our husbands or whomever else.

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