OOTD…Fall is here!

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

We are starting to have fall weather…all the trees are changing colors, when its morning its quite nippy and during the day its not too bad—yet, definetly fall…but not too cold. But you still need some light layers.

Anyway, I decided to enjoy the sunshine and take the kidlet to the library and the park.  I choose my jade green demi-jelbab from El Bassira over a black skirt from al-moultazimoun.  I had on a light denim jacket from Rue 21 and I dragged along a pashmina if It ended up being toooo cold and ofcourse my everyday green and blue tote bag from Target which I use constantly…I prefer cross-body bags both from a comfort standpoint (Imy shoulders cant take anything one one side for very long) and from a safety standpoint…I live in an urban area and ride public transit…people DO snag purses…ive never had a problem…but I try to avoid them by using cross-body purses unless I’m going to the mall or wherever and I feel like I dont need to worry as much.

Nothing very fancy…but comfy and modest, mash’Allah. Oh and I had on black sneakers…I know some of you mentioned liking the sneakers with jelbab look…personally I live in my sneakers, I do wear flats occasionally…but I walk a LOT-like 2-3-4 miles a day is nothing to me and I cant do it in cheap flats or thin-soled shoes…I need supportive shoes and I have a thing for funky colored sneakers…LOL



2 thoughts on “OOTD…Fall is here!

  1. Love the green color of your jelbab.
    I like these kind of outfits very much with sneakers.
    It;s kinda cool, sporty and young to me and i like that.

    I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

    XO Arezu

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