Beautiful pieces for the autumn…

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

You all know I have a thing for Shukr garments…mash’Allah. They just realised their new Eid/Autumn line and well, once again…not disappointed!

Take a gander at some of my autumn favorites… I think all of these items would make fantastic investment pieces…great for all seasons honestly…as the cuts are very A-line, swishy and elegant they would work for…work, school..home…really anywhere.  I loooveee that Jersey flaired dress by the way…how cozy!  Could easily throw a heavy cotton hoodie over it, and a floral shaylah or Turkish silk scarf and be out the door…with a modest yet very fly look. Oh and don’t forget the sneakers…

(Shukr Contrast Hooded Abaya)

(Shukr Zippered Flaired abaya)

This skirt actually looks…cozy…I dislike skirts generally…too much hassle…this one, I could see throwing over my jeans and being out the door in. LOL (YES, I wear jeans under a skirt…anytime I must wear a skirt…because I just can’t live without pants! )

(Shukr jersey pleated skirt)

This one would make a great topper over a abaya or dress or of course worn over wide legged pants or a skirt. Also it looks basically *exactly* like this black polyester manteau I had from Iran for like 8 years…LOL. I gave it away when we went to Saudi to work…But otherwise, same cut, same style. The ONLY thing I dislike about this, is the very high side slits…which makes wearing it with anything but a skirt or very wide-legged pants immodest…even baggy pants may not be modest enough with this duster.  But otherwise…I do like it, mash’Allah.

(Shukr tencel duster)


7 thoughts on “Beautiful pieces for the autumn…

  1. Gosh, I just love Shukr; Masha’Allah it never disappoints! And I’m totally with you on the pants thing; I wear jilbabs and skirts/dresses exclusively, but always with pants underneath because it just doesn’t feel right to not wear pants!

  2. Salam sis,

    I was the BIGGEST Shukr fan for years. They have quality pieces, i have bought jeans, skirts, tunics jumpers abayas and dresses from them. Great quality and long lasting great value for money. My own one negative comment is that becuase they often use 100% cotton and linen you end u with extremely wrinkled clothes. The only time the items look as nice as they do in the photos is when you have just ironed the garment. After wearing it the creases re apear. For some not an issue, for me it is. I have 3 abayas/dresses from them and they all require constant ironing. I personally got annoyed with the constant ironing, and i no longer buy like i used to. The denim range is amazing.

    On one side its 100% cotton but the negative of that is contast ironing of garments…. :/

    • wa salaam…LOL…oh dear. Me and wrinkles are best friends…I never ever ever iron. What I do is just as soon as stuff is dry, take out of the drier and hang out, that keeps most wrinkles from happening….otherwise, I dont bother much beyond that. The only things I do iron if needed are my silk scarves from Turkey so they stay crisp and hence form easier…but otherwise…I think wrinkles = character. LOOOOL.

      • Yep wrinkles definitely=character. Having 4 kids I only have time to iron once every few months lol. I have a skirt almost identical to the grey one in the pic, except the one I have has no belt, I got it from a UK plus sized store. I just wish shukr did a tall size…

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