Yes, they do exist! A fair warning to sisters who cover!

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

well…it dawned on me yesterday that there are *still* some Muslim sisters who are naive and who like to imagine that we live in a world where wearing hejab OR niqab (esp niqab) will somehow protect them from nasty, creepy individuals!

Although Ive been aware of this for over a decade now…I like to imagine that the newer lot is somehow more “savvy” and know this stuff better than those of us who are my age and older. But…alas…apparently not so.  This revelation hit me yesterday evening when I checked my FB (rare thing! I loath FB) and noticed that a sister friend…someone whom I know from real life (but has since moved away) and who wears niqab and who is a fairly newish convert (like 2 years) and who is younger than me (…specific huh?)  posted a picture of what was VERY OBVIOUSLY a niqab fetishist dressed up in a VERY extreme form of niqab, posing sitting on a couch…like the type of picture NO REAL niqabi would ever take…and when I brought this up to the friend she didnt understand what I was talking about nor understood what I was really saying…aka…that pic you have up on ur profile is a dude dressed up in niqab, cuz he gets kicks outta it…ewww!

I then launched into this long winded, several comments long explanation of who these people are and what they do and where the picture probably came from…now, yes I do know what i’m talking about as I co-moderated two groups on Yahoo for Muslim sisters who cover for well over a decade and we always had these people trying to join our group…sometimes they were crafty enough and actually got through our careful screening process, but we’d figure it out quickly as they always had the same type of postings and pictures and lo, sisters would sometimes find their own pictures on THEIR own websites or groups. *shudder*

Anyway…so, i digress, yes, I know what I’m talking about. I though that by my explaining all of this, I was educating my friend and ALSO those on her friends list about who these people are and what to watch out for! But alas…she deleted all of my comments saying it was “fitnah”….

LOL…really…fitnah? No comment…

Anyway…whatever. My purpose of sharing this is to explain to my readers…esp. those who do NOT know that these types of people, do infact exist, they are creepy, they troll any group, website or page which has pictures of covered women on it!


I found this very concise, straight to the point bit about them from a posting on another Yahoo group called Embracing Islam

Veil (Hijab) Fetishists

There are two types of Hijab Fetishists out there: the kind who “have fun” simply looking at pictures of veiled women (and who build websites and swap veiled photographs), and the kind who enjoy writing stories and initiating correspondence about veiling.  Very often, these fetishists are not Muslim and do not pretend to be. 

The first kind are relatively innocuous.  All the photographs of women on their website are likely to be women in full (face) veils.  The e-mail exchanges they have tend to center on swapping nothing more than photos.  Their pages (one of which is very popular with Muslim women) tend to focus solely on photographs.  Any text on their sites will deal with historical and socio-cultural views of veiling, and almost completely leave out religious writings, such as ayat (verses) from the Qur’an.  Links on their site will take you to more pages (Islamic and not) about veiling, or even to pages of a sexual nature.

The second kind are not as harmless.  They exchange stories of a sexual nature, centered on the female character being veiled, and swap photographs of both veiled and…shall we say, partially veiled women.   They sometimes engage in “role playing” on e-mail lists and in chat rooms. Again, most of them don’t even bother with religious (or even historical) ideas about veiling, and most of them can’t be bothered to pretend they are Muslims. 

However, there are a few fairly active Veil Fetishists out there who do pretend to be Muslim women. They try to get Muslim women to write things or send photographs that they would never knowingly share with a man, much less a man (or woman) who is sexually aroused by veiling.  What these Veil Fetishists do is create a Yahoo! or AOL id with a Muslim woman’s name.  They then “troll” various e-mail groups, message boards, and chat rooms looking for Muslim women to talk to about veiling.

 One individual is known for pretending to be a new Muslim woman who needs “help” learning how to pin the hijab.  This individual tries to find sisters who have web-cams and asks them to turn the camera on, and do a step by step demonstration of how to put the hijab on so “she” can learn.  This person has been at this for more than a year as of this writing (August 2003). 

Another group of people are far more extreme and much more insidious.  The things that they say and engage in online could be extremely damaging to an unsuspecting Muslima’s heart and mind.  This group includes several individuals who pretend that they are “extremely conservative” Muslim women, although they almost never use the word “Salafi” (probably because they aren’t familiar with it).

They set up web pages and Yahoo! groups about “Extreme Conservative Veiling,” “Silent Niqaabis,” and so on.  Not all members of these groups are Muslims, nor do they claim to be. For example, some claim to be “conservative Christians,” while others are just “secular conservatives” who are into veiling for “social reasons.”  These people then join authentic Muslim women’s groups, troll for very conservative and / or fully veiled women, and invite them to join their groups.  Unfortunately, a number of sincere and innocent Muslimas have joined these groups. “

These types also have a perchance for requesting very extreme forms of niqab and abayaat from sisters who vend!  I remember when I was in Saudi and was running Arabian Threads I had some very strange requests from these types….niqabs which soffocate, abayaat which hobble…need I go on?  auzhoobillahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem! I as like, uh…I cant help ya there!

So in closing…just be wary sisters!  dont give these people access to your personal photos and videos-esp if you wear niqab! Pay attention to who you are talking to online and even…in real life, are they really who they say they are?   Basically…just know these types exist!

and a picture and convo from flickr which sums it up…


16 thoughts on “Yes, they do exist! A fair warning to sisters who cover!

  1. Heck I even found clear proof that one of these ‘sisters’ was a man-a matrimonial profile posted as a man and other irrefutable evidence yet many sisters still didn’t believe it. A few years ago there was an elder revert brother whom I unmasked as a niqab fetishist, at first it seemed to be fairly innocuous, he’d collect old oriental postcards and out them on Flickr but then his insatiable lust for niqabi ‘material’ meant he started encroaching on the rights of sisters and used an accomplice, a sister from Saudi who also appeared to be a fetishist to befriend sisters, chat to them and then take pictures they had marked as private on their Facebook and MySpace profiles, or even getting them on cam so she could take screenshots- these then ended up on the revert brother’s Flickr account. I also knew this brother did work for an organisation I knew of in real life and he had access to vulnerable revert sisters and was worried he may use his position to get the sisters’ pictures etc. I thought about it carefully and told the organisation he worked for, at first the person in charge was incredulous and I think to be honest they thought I was making it up and trying to stir up fitnah but when I showed the person in charge this brothers Flickr account it soon became clear I was telling the honest truth. There is also another brother and his wife on the South coast of England who are niqab fetishists, I was shocked when he contacted me asking about suffocating niqabs for a friend who was supposedly extremely acrophobic, he’d said this strange story to a number of sisters I know who sell clothing too and it appears his ‘friend’ contacted you directly. It shocked me to realise some known Muslims are fetishists too but I believe it’s a sickness of the heart that they have some control over and yet they succumb to it and will go to any haram lengths to get ‘niqabi pics’ or other material. Bottom line is don’t put your pictures online at all if possible and if someone gives you the creeps with regard to how they are talking about hijab and niqab then you’re probably right to trust your instincts.

    • I just wanted to add as well that the above quoted article from 2003 says they don’t call themselves salafi; well that may have been the case in yesteryear but these creeps soon wised up to the fact that ‘salafi’ sisters are more likely to wear niqab and the type of overgarments they lust after, i.e. long khimars; overhead abayaat et al and so they started calling themselves salafi almost exclusively. Amusingly some of the ones known to be Europe based including the infamous ‘rugile’ from Lithuania, started claiming they were from Philly so they could befriend the Philly niqabi sisters; not so amusingly some sisters from there always fall for it despite the fact these weirdos clearly cannot speak English well at all and know not a jot about Islam let alone the salafi dawah 😦

  2. Wow, I thought that was common knowledge—meaning the hijabi fetish types. eeewww. Yah, I guess us old heads (lol) know a lil sum’n sum’n.

    I can second and third the fetish fools trying to join yahoo groups, as many moons ago, I also was co-mod of yahoo groups with Umm Ibrahim and Umm Abdullah. Yah, ya’ll two taught me how to spot those weirdos.

    Thanks for schooling me.

  3. SubhanAllah people are so ill. I’ve been around a bit too and find this so disgusting which is why I stopped posting pictures of myself online years ago even in groups that I felt were safe. Because like you said occasionally people would slip through the careful screening process. It’s sad people thought you were trying to cause fitnah when all you were doing was trying to help!

  4. Fetishists annoy me. There’s one who keeps trying to contact me on youtube (I have one hijab tutorial up and one pashmina-as-a-niqab tutorial, and of course i was wearing niqab in both cause i usually wear it irl) and i checked out that person’s youtube channel. Every last “favorite”, every “like” and every subscription had something to do with niqab. Not one single Islamic lecture, not even a music video (i know music is haram, i’m just using that to illistrate a point). Nothing but niqabs. Pretty creepy. I finally ended up blocking him/her/it, but it disgusts me that those types of people are out there.

  5. Wow that is really disturbing. This past week I removed my pictures from FB because I was just recieving too much attention about them and I only had like 3 pictures of myself.

  6. Just another thought; some very strict hassidic Jews have now started wearing overhead abayaat and long khimar and abaya type garments some of them covering the face completely with this, this is mainly in Israel and isolated communities in New York state and Canada but just a few weeks ago my DH saw one in London (you can tell by their kids they are Jewish, not Muslim), wonder if these creeps will start fetishising those ladies or if it will only be Muslim women who are the unfortunate target of their creepy stereotyping and attention.

  7. “obvious niqab fetishists pics” I know what you mean! As a fresh convert I had encounters with them in the INternet! creeepy!

  8. O.M.G. okay so i am a young convert sis and i heard about these fetishes because reading Cosmo and Cleo from 16 yrs old its very well known that men and woman desire the strangest of strangest things you could possibly imagine, so when i was told about this niqab fetish it was not odd for me to hear about..if someone can fetish over smelly feet whats to say they won’t fetish over a niqab, it just stands to reason people need more and more stimulation in order to be satisfied leading to an over sexualised western society in which we live in..(yes big problems in east as well but I’m talking about were i live i.e.:west). Its enough to turn on the tv and see soft core porn as the norm so of course weird and wacky fetishes are becoming more popular.If a man can kidnap and father children by his own daughter then why wouldn’t something less strange and sick be prevalent in todays society. I think those sisters who choose to ignore such an important warning are being very irresponsible. Sometimes it means for those sisters to learn the lesson for themselves especially after you personally warned them and provided proof as well. Allah reward you for addressing this topic as many naive sisters are out their looking only for the good in mankind yet not being smart enough to realise the dangers of mankind also. Very informative post..:)

    • aww sister…ur comment made my day!!! LOL Your young but obviously very intelligent…mash’Allah!!! I wish more older women were so together/intuitive,

  9. Asalam waliykum sis.

    I saw a group for these wierdos on FB and lots of ARAB muslim men and women were saying things such as mashallah etc at the photos. I could tell they were guys straight away…. Some people beileve you can not tell if its a man or woman if they are all covered up, but i can for sure. Even when they wear the burqa.

    I totally agree with the sister above, you can only warn them. If they choose to walk down that path full of trouble and regret let them, you can only raise the flag.
    That is exactly why i no longer have any photos of myself on FB or my blog. Even though you can lock the right click function they can still “print screen”. And if they are that sick i am sure they have a few other tricks up their sleeves too.

    Great post sis 😀

  10. Do u think that the middle eastern culture is slightly naive to the reality of some of these more well known (discussed openly in the west) problems ie: fetishes/tanny’s? The middle eastern culture has a taboo stance on all that is shameful to them so i can imagine many people remaining ignorant in areas whereas a young western woman or man would know a lot about. This came to my mind after Salwa mentioned arab muslim men and women were saying mashallah to the man dressed as women lol.
    I remember visiting an asian country with my husband and we were at a Thai restaurant and the chef and some of the staff were transvestites. I only had to look at the back of their head to know that they were men, yet he almost fell off his chair when i told him. I think its not that he didn’t how it could be a man but more the disbelief that some men dress as women was his reaction because it would never be seen in his home country yet in the west and other places it is something that you do see and know about. Just a thought.

    • The main problem with that is virtually every case I’ve seen of sisters being taken in by these weirdos have involved revert sisters. A lot of reverts think if someone claims they are a Muslim sister you must take this at face value and its haram to have any type of suspicion at all. I say this as a revert myself. Most born Muslim sisters regardless of background I find they wise up to these chancers pretty quick, especially since these fetishists often claim to be Arab or Pakistani but don’t speak a word of Arabic or Urdu, an English speaking revert new to the deen is just going to believe them because they don’t themselves know the language or culture these freaks claim to be from.

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