Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Nothing much to say…just 2 OOTD…its autumn so gotta get the layering on! I try to postpone dragging out the winter coats as far into autumn/winter as possible…like if its blizzarding or 20f then out come the coats…otherwise…nah, because once they come out, it seems like winter is so slow to end!

The first OOTD is the thyme colored Zahra jilbab from Shukr…which btw is a ROCKIN’ jilbab! It has snaps down the front and is cut to be very A-line and more like a dress than a jilbab…but with the convenience and modesty of a jilbab. Only downside is its best for warm weather so I’ll probably be packing it away until spring soon! I have it paired with my shell Aker Turkish silk square scarf from Modefa and on top of that I have a handmade wool sweater which was sent to me from relatives in Iran. Alas its made to be very straight fitting and snug (as they are worn under a chador, in place of a manteau there) and so isnt as modest on me when its buttoned down entirely in public, so i wear it as a light jacket/topper. When outside I had on arm covered which were like fingerless gloves…oh man, i love fingerless gloves in fall! Maybe sorta “hobo” style but they keep my hands warm and ofcourse a pashmina.

Oh dear,  I just realized my shoes look seriously clunky with the jilbab and sweater…oh well! Maybe its the angle of the shot. But, in all honesty, as much as I love delicate, feminine shoes I have little chance to wear them. As anyone who lives in a big city on the East Coast will tell you…you walk a LOT if you live in these areas and well, pretty flats just arent very comfortable after 6-7 blocks (looongggg city blocks) or traversing neighborhood sidewalks which are littered with glass, trash and cracks. I reserve the nicer shoes for going places where I dont walk much. My clunky sneakers are for everyday. Ofcourse in the hospital I have clunky shoes too…oh well, I suppose my back will thank me some day!

Then this OOTD, my family went out for a walk and it was in the evening and quite nippy so I layered up again. hah, I dd the Saudi in winter layering style where you wear a hoodie under your abaya! Yea, I learnt that trick while over there. I had one a polar fleece hoodie, my black forsan crepe bisht abaya and then a wool/poly blend crochet poncho from CityMax in Khobar (KSA) on top. I had on the fingerless gloves and a navy shaylah. I was toasty!!!! And ofcourse my black and pink sneakers. heh


4 thoughts on “Layering…layers…OOTD

  1. Mashallah sis. You have such a fun style. I feel like such a frumpy old lady lol. I love both looks! I got a really cute wool poncho in Egypt a few years back that I rarely wear but I think I’ll have to revive it lol.

    • aww jazakh’Allah’Khair…I am just random and sorta eccentric…it has its good points and bad points. I know I probably phreaked out any weirdos during our walk cuz it was windy and my bishy was billowing behind me. hehehe

  2. Salaams…I am diggin the first style especially. That’s sooo me!!! Layering with nice warm sweater! Though I’ve had some probs in the past layering over Shukr jilbabs (their cuffs are cut wider than my sweater so sometimes it bunches up). You must tell me your secret.

    Plus big shout out for talking about Zahra jilbab. I had shied away fr the Zahra jilbab when I first saw it on the website b/c the snap buttons looked too shiny. Weird I know…but they look normal on you/in the pics…will keep me eye on it for when it goes on sale (hopefully they’ll still have my size)

    Masha’Allah I love the handmade sweater too…tre chic!

  3. i think its so funny how everyone is talking about the cold and its just still so hot here in florida. im still wearing all my summer things, and i just dont see a winter ahead of us.

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