Turkish butterfly “ferace” overgarment


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Ive mentioned the Turkish version of the shoulder abaya-called the Ferace on here before. Well, I meandered by E-Tesettur and saw they had a ton of new ferace in stock. One thing which always annoys me about the Ferace that e-Tesettur carries is they all come in a max size of 44! Which is rather tiny-ish and so for most sisters probably would be much to small to bother with, even though the designs tend to be very cute AND modest AND the prices reasonable…the sizes just are really limited! Hence, I was pleased to see they are now offering the butterfly style of ferace-which I reckon is basically the same as the style which originated in the Gulf but slightly “Turkified”..like shortened up a bit and more like a very very long poncho. I think these ones from Arzu Ergen are wickedly cute BUT, only downside is the price is fairly outrageous for something which you can get online from stores in the USA or Canada for half of the cost OR even make yourself for a fraction! The cost for the garment plus shipping to the USA could easily set you back around $150! Therefore…I think they are gorgeous but not really worth it. But, if anything, if you sew…it may give you some good ideas!  I’m not entirely sure why the regular ferace are under 100TL yet these ones which are plain with little real work involved are around 200TL! Go figure…Maybe fabric yes…but still…

anyway…take a gander.  I fancy the green one myself..


What do you think of these Turkish butterfly styles?


9 thoughts on “Turkish butterfly “ferace” overgarment

  1. The green one is very cute, but it looks like a short bisht abaya(I personnaly don’t feel you can wear it in an abaya wearing community, unless it was a little bit shorter). It is strange to see gulf influences in turkish fashion.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sister, cultures mix and mingle all the time…so I dont see whats so strange about Turks taking a Gulf abaya style and altering it a little for Turkish tastes…many Turks to the Gulf for Hajj, Omrah and work and they bring abayaat back…and designs always trickle down to the masses in a form which is culturally appropriate, regardless. What about all of the Jordanian abayaat which are based off of Gulf designs yet retain distinctively Levantine design elements…or Saudi women buying Turkish pardesu/manteau from “western hejabi clothing” shops in Saudi and the Gulf for wearing abroad….everything always mixes…and morphs to suit diff. tastes. In Iran and Turkey they dislike floor dragging garments because the streets are very filthy…not clean and sandy like Gulf countries so they shorten their garments a bit to accommodate that, unlike in the Gulf where streets are rarely that filthy (and yes, Id know…LOL)….so…whats so odd? We as western Muslimaat take styles from everywhere and morph them into our own particular styles to suit our personality or region/location…I think its awesome that cultures share.

  2. also…dont forget that in Iran, for a long time a similar butterfly style as very trendy, though they are pretty “out” now…they were popular frm around 2005 onto maybe 2010…and they were the butterfly style or even the bisht style but came to knee or calf length as par local norms/tastes…

  3. Love it masha allah! I have two plain ones like this that are very cheap and chearful material. This looks like quality stuff, ive checked the website but I have no idea how to change it to english 😀

    • wa alaikum as salaam…well sis, ya cant. Cuz its a site which is geared towards buyers in Turkey and Turks abroad…BUT, being that you can actually buy from them using Paypal and being outside of Turkey is really nice as every other Turkish tesettur website only allows orders from within Turkey using a Turkish credit card!!! You can easily though open up Google translate and copy and paste info as necessary and you can email them, they will respond back in English. Major downside is the cost of shipping is rather eye-watering!

      • Asalam aleikom sister, I like it very much. I just bought some warm but light fabric and I am going to sew it myself, it is quite easy. So it will be something like butterfly overgarment for cold days. The high price for shipping and my height forced me to learn how to sew. …

  4. They look beautiful, but personally i`m not a fan of this style.
    Just like the normal khimar they accentuate the bust when a sister has a little
    bigger bust.

    XO Arezu

  5. Talking of ferace I went to a shopping centre recently and a lot of the shoppers seemed to be fresh off the boat Turks. I didn’t see this butterfly style of ferace but I saw some very interesting ones that are nothing like I’ve ever seen before all I can say is they were ‘frilly’ but in a nice way as the styling is kind of hard to describe.

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