Skirting the issue…or maybe not…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

OK, maybe I like to procrastinat too much, but I was reentry going through my fall/winter clothing which is in storage in the basement and pulled out like 10 long skirts of various kinds of fabric and designs which I had purchased in Saudi before coming back. Many of the shops I frequented in Saudi carried such a wide array of long skirts that women who solely wore skirts would be green with envy! They were very cheap too…ok, maybe not that cheap. You  could get very very cheap ones or get better quality ones…anyway, I digress. I have quite the skirt collection going yet I never-ever-ever-ever wear them.   I purchased them because I figured…they maybe useful someday…why not, after all, you can’t easily get long skirts which are slit-less and modest here without them costing an arm and a leg!

So I was thinking, as I was going through them…why don’t I ever wear them?

Okay, my biggest reason…and I think I’ve mentioned it like a thousand times previously here is that I do not find them comfortable. Mostly because I walk a lot, go up and down stairs and am always on the move, I get paranoid that the skirt I am wearing will blow up or if I sit and sit like how I prefer to sit, that my ankles may show and well..I figure, with pants, even  very wide-legged pants or regular jeans under a long jilbab or abaya…you don’t need to worry about that! You can walk how-ever, sit however (not unladylike, mind you, obviously…I have hayah, mash’Allah), and know everything is covered…right down to your ankles!  So thats my biggest reason and along with that, anytime I do wear a skirt I usually have on my jeans under them! LOL, this isn’t a problem if the skirt is a elastic waisted, basic A-line thing which is easy to make…they fit over anything…but I ant do that with a nicer skirt with a regular waistband, zipper and buttons! Then…if I wear leggings or whatever else under a nicer skirt, I still feel like its binding around my waist…and forget tights and hose!!! Those things are straight from hell I think…how uncomfortable!  I’m only ever OK with the elastic waisted skirts over jeans or occasionally in summer a draw-string waisted “peasant” style skirt over knee length leggings…yet I still get paranoid about my ankles and the skirt blowing around.

Aren’t I weird! LOL Now, I know some sisters wear skirts saying they are required of Muslim women who cover or because of reasons of cultural modesty. The first one, I don’t buy-generally- as most scholars have ruled pants are OK as long as they are obviously feminine and ARE made for women and only worn BY women and the rest of the ensemble is modest and fulfills the criteria for hejab-i.e. an overgarment or an overgarment-like outfit is worn (some scholars have ruled that this is NOT OK, but I’m going by the scholars I follow! If you have any concerns, do inquire with the scholars you follow), now the cultural reasoning…I can say…OK that makes sense…in your  culture both men and women wear robes or in your culture ALL (or most) women wear skirts…but as i’ve mentioned before…some cultures…like traditional Persian culture…women have always worn pants for practicality reasons and skirts without pants obviously worn under them, are considered vulgar…or Pakistani culture where pants are also the norm. Also, may I add that skirts are not necessarily the most modest thing ever…they can be..but, Ive seen plenty of sisters in very snug-fitting skirts which show everything and waist length shirts…so really, nothing is left to the imagination.

Anyway…i digress. So I jumped onto Google and decided to see if I could find something which was like leggings-full length, to the ankles…but very lightweight, not staticy and not confining to wear under a nicer-looking skirt. I found these…

(Velrose snip to fit pants liner)

They are a pants-liner but are suitable for wearing under skirts and have a legging-like style, but lack the confining feel and wont cause a skirt to cling! Unlike most regular leggings which can get some static going with them…I ordered a pair off of Ebay and am excited to try them! Apparently you can remove the lower lace edging so they have the length you like. I saw these mentioned one several blogs run by Christian women who solely wear skirts and they swear by the. They may indeed stop the hassle of ankles showing, a confining feeling in the waist/hips and no static cling. woohooo! I can’t wait. I would like to try some of the skirts I bought what seems like ages ago. They will look very cute with some of the knee-length manteau I have and some of the longer length tunics.

Also, I recently saw a friend of mine in the most interesting denim skirt and asked her where she got it, assuming shed say…Egypt or Turkey…but no, she actually got it from a US based company which solely sells skirts…and most are long and modest called StyleJ…anyone ever heard of them before?  They have some nice looking stuff…for some reason these ones caught me eye. Doubt I’ll be buying any as I need to wear the ones I have first…but they are cute never the less and would look nice with a knee length manteau or tunic.

(“Comfort skirt” from StyleJ)

So, i’d en’sha’Allah like some input…for those of you who wear skirts regularly…why do you do so, what styles do you generally wear and have you ever tried pant slips under them? Since I generally wear overgarments I think its sort of redundant to wear a skirt UNDER your abaya or jilbab, although I could see doing so with a knee length manteau or jilbab…what do you all do in that regard?


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    • wa salaam…LOOOL…yet whats funny is in Saudi-atleast in the Gulf region I saw many many saudi women with skirts on under their abayaat! Sure many obviously had jeans on under their abayaat but just as many had on skirts and many of the older women had on jalabeeya under their abayaat too…I was told by one young women whom my family went to their house a few times to socialize…that in some families women are not supposed to wear pants if men can see them…even their fathers or brothers…so they wear pants but as soon as men get home they run and change. I dunno how truthful that was…but I reckon so as I saw many skirts under abayaat…

  1. So I am of the opinion that wearing an overgarment is a Qur’anic requirement, but that there are many items of clothing that qualify as an overgarment. Obviously jilbabs and abayas do, but since they are expensive, I can’t exclusively wear them. I believe long skirts over leggings or pants (like how you wear skirts) count as an overgarment, and since long skirts are much cheaper and easier to find, that’s what I generally end up wearing. Alhamdulillah, I have a very diverse skirt collection; most of them actually are fitted at the waist, but I still wear jeans, khakis, or sweatpants underneath them. I’m particularly fond of denim skirts (all year round) and linen skirts (in the summer). I have never tried pants slips, but they sound really useful! When I do wear abayas or jilbabs, I never wear skirts underneath for the same reason you stated (it’s redundant).

  2. I love wearing skirts, make many of my own, and have been wearing something similar to the pants liner under them for years. I make them myself, and usually to match the skirt, so that if they show at bit at the bottom it looks like it was intended. I have several skirts I bought in Egypt, some from Shukr, some from US shops and some I have made myself. I work in an office environment, and the skirts make very good work attire.
    I also walk lots, and have never had a problem with skirts, my Egyptian ones in particular are quite long and have lots of room in them, and heavy enough that they aren’t much disturbed by the wind. But having the liners underneath gives peace of mind.
    They are easy to make, you don’t have to worry about ift because the only part anyone ever sees is the very bottom, and they are thin enough to be comfortable in any weather. Hope you enjoy them and looking forward to a post about how this works for you sometime soon.

  3. I almost exclusively wear skirts and I feel it too cumbersome to wear anything underneath. It’s never been a problem for me and personally I find if I wear trousers of any type under an overgarment I feel quite self conscious and with it being so windy here the overgarment fabric tends to blow and reveal the shape of the legs with trousers or leggings under. I also have the type of figure where no matter how great the trousers, jeans or leggings fit me I find they don’t comfortably stay up all day and I hate belts with a passion.

    • Salam. I’m the same way. You wouldn’t know it if you looked in my closet, but I rarely wear jeans or pants unless they are yoga pants. I can’t stand how pants don’t move with you (like if you bend down they end up pinching in all sorts of places.) Skirts and yoga pants are more my style.And at least with the skirts, you only have one fit to worry about (the fit around the waist) whereas it seems nearly impossible to find pants that fit both my thighs and waist.

  4. i like 95 percent of the time wear skirts or dresses. its so hard to find pants that fit my height and my weight and skirts are just so much easier.

  5. I don`t wear skirts a lot, because i ride on my bicycle every day.
    I like skirts with stretch at the waist, otherwise i feel my belly the whole day.
    When i wear an abaya i wear a skirt under it most of the time, because my abayat are
    always too short.

    XO Arezu

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