A new abaya style from the Gulf…

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem.

I generally dont pay a huge amount of attention to all the latest trends for abayaat coming out of the Gulf countries as its generally difficult to see the trends as they come about if your NOT living in a Gulf country (and they are constantly coming out with new styles!) as usually we start seeing the trends a bit after they have already been around for awhile. Granted, having the ability to see new trends via blog posts and company websites help…but still…you may not even be able to get (or afford) an abaya which is the latest in trendyness. i.e. when we were getting ready to leave Saudi the jersey abayaat were JUST coming in so I got to see how they started as just abayaat with jersey sleeves to abayaat which were all jersey to the Grecian drape styles. Ofcourse I am unsure what are the hottest styles now…being that i’m back in the frigid NE USA.

but, I digress…Ive noticed here and there that there is a new (or new to us) abaya style which is like a regular abaya but tapers down to pants. Sort of like a pantsuit/jumpsuit combo.

i.e. this style from UAE-Joory abaya

I could see how the style worn for a special occasion with heels may indeed be quite suitable and very very unique, but for daily wear…I dunno…I’m not quite sold on the idea as my overgarment being combined with pants…frankly, one reason why I *LOVE* abayaat and jilbabs is I can literally throw them over my jeans and a teeshirt and be out the door. I am not saying this style wouldn’t be convenient…but it may perhaps be too “fussy”.

Now, because I know someone will NOT read the entire post…but will just ignore all the text and see the pictures and then ask the inevitable question.. “sister, please where can I buy this abaya? my sisters wedding is next week and I must have it!” (LOL)…frankly…ukhtee, i’m not 100% sure…, if your in the gulf you can probably have the style made by an abaya shop or buy one off the rack.


The *only* relatively easy to get a hold of variant of this design is this one from the UAE-based shop called “Online Abaya”…its their “Jeans abaya“…which incidently isnt made of denim…LOL. Now, Ive ordered from them before so they are legit. If this style tickles your fancy your best bet may be just inquiring with them…

(Jeans Abaya from Online Abaya UAE)


I’d like some input…what do you all think about this abaya style? Yea or Nea?



12 thoughts on “A new abaya style from the Gulf…

  1. Definitely a NEA on my end. It seems to taper too much for my tastes unlike the sarouel on the Algerian jelbabs. Plus for me a abaya is an overgarment so I don’t see how I could comfortably wear pants underneath this unless they were leggings. One also begs the question how do you remove this when you’re out and need to use the restroom? Do you honestly have to pull the whole thing down like you’re wearing footie pajamas??

  2. Reminds me of the little jumpsuits that my mom put on me when I was kid. I liked it, but I got really tired of having to disrobe to go to the bathroom. Any chance the pants are separate? Cute yokes, though.

  3. Salaam. Nope this is one style I won’t be following. For me it seems to kinda defy the point of the abaya somewhat. Seems like it’d show too much shape. Also, the bathroom issue that others mentioned!

    • LOOOL…how funny how bathroom issues never ever came to my mind…yet you all mentioned them…I just thought the style looked incredibly odd and off. I agree with all who mentioned the yoke…Id dig the abaya if it ended like a normal abaya…

  4. Ohhh lordy!!! The gulf styles have taken a turn for the worst.I think the jumpsuit style is terrible. I just want to point out that in the very modern “muslim” gulf areas such as dubai the abaya is worn mostly because its the traditional/cultural thing to do for Emirati girls. In that regard its easy to understand how all these strange designs could be coming through and many not adhering to correct hijab rules because when covering is purely to follow a tradition then bad choices are bound to be made. Another example is saudi women wearing niqab..most feel like it is shameful to show their face to saudi men but as soon as they leave the country and enter places like malaysia its time to de veil completely (of course not all saudi women do this but im talking about this type of mentality in general). Doing something that has no real purpose doesn’t last long and lacks the rewarding quality of when you are doing something for the sake of your Creator who is pleased with your actions.

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