Cheaper Jelbab options & Canadians in jelbab…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

I must get back to studying but ive been meaning to do this post for atleast a week now…

A few weeks back I came across Tumblr (really…I still dont *get* Tumblr…its less like a blog (in the traditional sense) and more like what instructors in Nursing school call ‘Theory Bursts”…they are just random bursts of pictures, thoughts, comments…not really any true posts…interesting but not my style. More suited for the iGeneration I think than us genXers…

I digress…I was pleased to see that in French Canada the jelbab style is catching on…whether its the plethora of my posts about them (joking…really) or the fact there are shops that now carry them in Montreal and Quebec City or whether people are less scared to order from overseas…I dunno, but Its nice that some younger Canadian sisters are turning towards them as a more modest form of hejab.  I still really think this style truely is appropriate for all ages…teenagers can make the look unique and all their own, those who are very traditional and just want plain attire can do so and well…those whom are somewhere in between can do so as well. I was reading on one Tumblr how this one young French-Canadian woman decided before Ramadhan to start wearing jelbab and move away from the trendy stuff which so many young hijabis favor. I applaud her, although I dont think taking any one specific form of covering is akin to taking a vow and from my own presonal experiences…its easy to tire of one style if thats all you wear, so at times its good to swicth it up.. I know some weeks im allll about abayaat…some weeks im alll about jilbabs….it really just depends on my mood. I think both can be equally modest or immodest dept. on ones intentions and how they wear them. Anyway, I applaud this sister and wish more Muslims tried to overcome their nafs and perfect their deen and hijab (male & female versions!)…so, mash’Allah.










I always chuckle anytime I get a random comment from someone who stumbled across my blog…usually a Muslim reader…inquiring whether I actually wear this stuff out in public, around non-Muslims! Personally, Im of the opinion that if we are covering for the sake of our Rabb (God) then whether someone has a problem with us based on how we dress…then really, its not our problem…its theres! I’m not shy and not afraid to standup for myself…but overall..i’ve found people respect a Muslimah who respects herself! Sisters who are out there in proper hejab…jilbabs, abayaat, khimaars…the proper stuff a Muslimah in hejab should wear-not this watered-down, Rue21 stuff tends to get more respect from strangers than not…because they know they are serious about their faith and are NOT afraid to show it!  OK…i’m getting off my soapbox. I just get really rilled up anytime I hear Muslims saying we should modify our attire to “blend-in”…frankly…I think the colored jelbabs blend in very well…they are colorful yet remain 100% modest and covering and are versitle…but we shouldnt change anything because if we do…then who are we doing it for anyway?

Ok…stepping down…phew. Really…those comments always get me peeved.

Onto cheaper jelbab options…Ive has a few comments from sisters asking where to get more affordable jelbabs from…as they like them, but cant spend 60bucks a pop on one!
Yes, I know how that is.

Thankfully it seems like 2 companies are starting to carry a lower-price range of jelbabs. Now…I havent seen them…so I dunno quality of fabric or workmanship…but they seem like they would do the trick and for the price…why not try and see if you like them! Yes, both ship to the USA…if ordering in French bothers you, you can email them and inquire directly..or open up Google translate and go back and forth. Voila!

Nabira carries a 1 piece style and a 2 piece with sarouel. Look for the “Sadra” lines…


Bismillah Boutique carries the exact same line but just the 2 piece with either skirt OR sarouel. No one-piece.

OK…so now those of you who are on a budget can check those out and see if you like them…



19 thoughts on “Cheaper Jelbab options & Canadians in jelbab…

  1. I just love jilbabs …i think they can look elegant with some cute shoes and clutch and then change up the accessories and it can be street wear with some hightop shoes and a cross body bag. I just love the way its so versatile and with the amount of colours readily available i dnt get how every muslimah isn’t rushing out to get them. I just don’t get it. Skin tight body stockings girls wear under their clothing is NOT hot!!!!
    Im proud to wear hijab that pertains to the requirements and its blogs like these that empower muslima’s to wear correct hijab without any apologies.

    • jazakh’Allah for your kind words sis, pls let other sisters know about my blog, en’sha’Allah…sister…I know…why arent they more popular? I wear the ones I have the majority of the time, they can be worn a ton of different ways, are very versitle and comfortable…you just hafta learn the fabrics and cuts which work best for you…but otherwise, I throw them on all the time. I still like my abayaat and shoulder jilbabs…and Turkish scarves but I generally prefer the overhead jelbabs for ease of wear, comfort, simplicity and style. Oh and I ditto abt all the color options!!

  2. Mashallah, I really like the younger sisters taking a more serious approach to their hijab and I pray that Allah subhana wa ta’ala will make it easy for them, ameen. With a husband in college right now, I too can relate to being a budget yet still wanting appropriate dress. I just checked out both websites and Nabira has the option of changing to English and listing prices in U.S. $$. The shipping cost was very reasonably. I didn’t order just curious at the cost, lol.

    With regards to Muslims asking if you wear “that” around non-Muslims. Grrr! I used to get that too. When I was working and would come in contact with Muslim clients, they were always very shocked that I could get such a high ranking position wearing hijab and abayas. Like you said, people do respect when you are serious about your faith. And if you’re confident, others will see that in you.

  3. Salam, I tried to comment before but my computer froze so I don’t think it went through, but if it did, then sorry for the double post. I was reminded of this post today at Jummah when a 15 or 16 yr old came and asked me where she could buy a jilbab like mine. Mashallah! I hope she is able to find one she likes. I’m so glad that it looks like these are becoming more popular.

    • salaamu alaikum…oh awesome, maybe send her to my blog. 🙂 Also the nabira ones are very reasonable (sadra line) as are the similar line ones on BB. She could easily try one out for a lot less than is generally paid for one.

  4. I love these pictures. Yeah, I don’t really get tumblr either…I can’t even figure out how to leave a comment on there!
    You’re right, it’s a good thing to mix things up and not wear the same style all the time.

  5. Salam alaikum. About the cheap jilbabs-I got one of the cheap jilbabs from Nabira (a one piece red one, it was too good to pass up!) and it’s OK. The fabric is pretty thin, so it’d be good for summer (assuming it’s breathable, anyway.) but I’ll have to be sure to wear long sleeves under it in the winter rather than my usual tank tops. The head hole is kinda huge (and i have a normal sized head, not a small one) so you can see most of my neck, which would be a problem for a non-niqabi or if I were praying in it. Can’t tell if it’s staticy from being in the plastic packaging or if the material is a staticy material. I do quite like it though. The sleeves are kinda long which is nice, and the jilbab is long enough to skim the ground which again, is how I like my abayas and jilbabs to be.
    I’d recommend it so far. 🙂

    • Thanks for the review Sara! I’m curious how long did it take for it to arrive after placing your order? Now I’m really wanting to order one for myself lol. I tend to get hot fairly easily so I think the thinner material would be okay for me even in the winter. I also looked at the next higher priced 2 piece one at Nabira which at only about $34 is still very reasonable for a jilbab. I’m assuming the fabric quality is a bit more substantial inshallah.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sis you can easily sew it up on the sides to better fit the size of your head. I loath when they come with head openings which are made for a sister with a very tiny head…cuz then I have to open mine up on the sides just a bit, finish the raw edge and then wear it…I must have a big head. LOOOOL. lemme know how it goes…im considering a burgundy 2 piece one myself. muahahhaha

  6. Asalam waliykum sis.
    How are you been a couple of months!!!
    Its Salwa from Muslimah in Solace.

    I just got back from Morocco went for 3 weeks for Eid. And i got some info… the Overhead abayas you have posted a lot about are a really big hit. I asked around and went to a few places that makes these abayas and the idea has come from East Morocco and Algeria. I am from East Morocco (Oujda) and nearly every “fully” covering sister was rocking various designs of the overhead abaya. I havnt seen so many different styles and fabrics.
    So its official the design is not French algerian… its Moroccan/Algerian. It doesnt really matter.But nice to know, if someone wanted to know the origin 😉

    Inshallah ill be doing a post on my findings soon, i am recovering from tonsilities so inshallah next couple of weeks 🙂

    • asalaamu alaikum…mash’Allah Salwa, im glad to hear that. Although I must clarify that actually the design was indeed developed IN Algeria during the Algerian Civil War in the 90’s and the style trickled to France due to the Algerians that went there, it sort of spread around the community there and then was adopted by non-Algerians like French Muslims, African French Muslims, etc and its most probabl that Moroccans who live in France and W. Europe who wear it there then wore it back to Morocco for vacations. I am glad to hear that its become popular in Morocco. I was there in 1996 and except for elderly women I almost no “hijabis” like what we consider them. Most were older women in djelleba with a niqab or just djelleba and a scarf tied up kerchif style. I did see a few women who had on a slightly more “pan-Islamic” style of dress, but they were few. Atleast in the area I stayed at (with a host family).

      I am slowly seeing it trickle over to the US and Canada too, mash’Allah.

      • I too am glad to see it’s made it’s way to Morocco. My husband is from Taza area and when we were there 2 years ago I didn’t see anyone in that region wearing this style. I do hope to add more of these jelbabs to my wardrobe inshallah and perhaps I will even be fortunate enough to buy some while there with relative ease.

  7. Slightly off topic… was just looking at Bismillah Boutique and they have some new sets in ‘crepe haut de gamme’. When I translated the page it translated it to ‘pancake upscale’, lol. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this particular fabric for these jelbabs. In the description it actually says Korean crepe…

    • asalaamu alaikum…LOOOL! actually I did the same thing when I first starting looking at them 3 years ago…there were these ones called “crepe epaisse” and google translate made it into “thick pancake”…LOL…I wa slike…jilbab thick pancake?!?
      hehehehe, no…crepe is just the polyester fabric used for overgarments like crepe forsan or crepe saloona…for example…and haut de gamme is like highest quality. Its supposed to be a very high quality crepe fabric. On Nabira its called “Tissu haute qualité”…which is highest quality fabric.

      Does this help…???

  8. Wa ‘alaykumus salaam…. yeah that helps with the pancake issue! Jazakillahu khayran. They have that one on Bismillah Boutique in gris vert which sounds interesting, not sure what it’d be like in ‘real life’ though… google images helps to some extent!

      • May I add that right now vert gris, burgundy and teal seem to be the “it” colors for jelbabs…im seeing them everywhere…sorta like over the summer it was pale pink and cream. I dunt mind the color trends thou cuza atleast the garments are modest and actually fullfill hejab requirements.

      • Wa ‘alaykumus salaam… jazakillahu khayran, I’ve ordered the vert gris one just now, (exciting, lol) so we shall see what it is like inshaaAllah when it arrives!

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