Product Review: Islamic Design House “vested” jilbab!


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Well, its been one of “those” weeks where there never seems to be enough hours in the day!  First the hurricane and then exams, exams, exams and more exams. I had been meaning to get this review out for a few weeks now but was just not able.

Anyway, I am going to be reviewing a new jilbab from Islamic Design House, which is based out of the UK with distrubutors worldwide. mash’Allah. Its from their new Fall 2012 season and is this one HERE.

My previous review of an IDH garment is HERE…if you’d care to read that one as well.

I chose this one because it seems to be a nice mix between casual and dressy with a bit of a Chinese flair. Its a nice, rich plum color and the body and sleeves are plain but there is a near little attached semi-vest which wraps around the body, a mandarin collar (thankfully nice and wide for comfort) and cuffs with the same print as the best.  The body is made of a rayon material while the asian-esque print on the cuffs and vest is made of a cotton jersey. Oh and there is a nice little decorative kick-pleat at the front/side of the jilbab. Its entirely closed but when you walk it opens…so it does provide a bit more stride room. Although the cut of the jilbab itself is very A-line and flowy. There are nice, deep pockets. No buttons, zippers or poppers. Its entirely closed front.

Overall I really like it. Now, about the perks to this jilbab.

I like that its dressy while remaining casual. Its not unsuitable for classes, work or just walking around the city/mall/grocery store. The quality and construction is indeed very high, much like the previous jilbab I reviewed from them, I was very impressed with the quality as I always find a lot of companies make sub0standard garments but charge inordinant amounts of money and the garment will just fall apart quickly. This garment is made to last and has nice little ‘touches” in the design which show its a quality garment.

Its very lightweight, airy and A-line, as I mentioned above. This makes it suitable for sisters who are bottom heavy and/or walk a lot. It wont hobble you. For warmer climates/weather this jilbab will be fantastic!!!! Its made of a natural, breathable fabric!

The vest actually adds a bit of style and provides a bit more of a modest fit in the back.

Now, some of the downsides…as I like to be truthful. Its definitely more of a spring/summer/early fall garment for those of us in a temperate climate! Its winter right now so unless I wear several layers under this garment, I will not be warm enough in it. I intend to pack it away as an ideal garment for spring, once I finish this review. Its like in the 30’s now…so I am sticking to my thick wools and heavy, thick cottons. But, if you live in a warm climate like Florida or Arizona or Brasil or its summer right now where you are at…this would be a good garment option.

Its NOT nursing friendly…sorry. If you plan to nurse…save it for after your done breastfeeding or choose something which opens down the front.

The fabric….although rayon rocks for warmer weather, it can be picky/finicky with care. You must be careful  not to accidently shrink it, so this garment due to its fabric will require delicate machine wash or hand-wash and an air dry/iron. If you are concerned about that-then I would choose one of their garments which is made of denim or a polyester blend fabric. Its only really rayon which can get so finicky.

About the vest. I love the style of the best from the back, BUT from the front…i’m not so hot on it, I think it would be nicer if the vest came down a bit lower as its entirely covered by my khimar in the front also if one doesn’t wear their scarf properly, covering the chest than the bit too much attention can be drawn to the chest area due to how the best is cut in the front. Overall the vest is a nice touch and from the back/sides I like it, from the front…not so much. It should come down lower!

Here are some pictures…I have it paired with a floral print, plum colored scarf and grey flats…yes and ofcourse gloves…it was sunny but freezing outside when I was out taking the pictures. Also being that it gets dark here very very early now, by the time I was able to get the pictures the sun was going down, so hence the fence decided to throw its shadow on my jilbab!  Hey, I consider them sorta “artsy” pictures…hehehehe

Oh and before I forget…Islamic Design House has extended a exclusive coupon for readers of my blog, Old School Hejabi to enjoy 10% off of anything on the UK, USA and Canadian Islamic Design House websites!  The code is “OldSchoolHejabi07” (no limit in use and no expiry, so tell your friends!)

Here are a few other IDH jilbabs from their new season which I thought were very nice and quite my style.


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Islamic Design House “vested” jilbab!

  1. Very nice review and I like the one you chose. Since I probably still have a few more nursing years ahead of me inshallah anything that’s closed in the front is completely off limits to me. It’s a bummer though as it seems nursing friendly options are fairly limited these days but I digress. I can see how the length of the vest could draw unneeded attention to the chest area, but I think the overall style is cute.

  2. Salam alayki, it looks nice on the website but to me it looks tight for the one modelling which would put me off buying for outdoor wear. But masha Allah when I saw your picture it looked beautifully modest, not clinging at all so I guess it is just a case of buying it a size or too bigger than usual. You rocked it well mashaAllah.
    I have brought from IDH before when they first started and I didn’t like the jilbab I brought as it was soo uncomfortable and rigid but I did like the sport jilbab I got from it.

    • asalaamu alaikum….jazakh’Allah for the comment sis. Actually I didnt order anything buy my usual jilbab or abaya size. If you see their website you’ll see they have redeveloped their sizing so now they have like slender, regular and loose and some styles also have an extra-loose. I think its come a long was in that regard. I just went by the bust width I prefer for my overgarments and length and choose based on that. They used to only have the slender sizing which was ludacris in my mind, alhamdullah they moved beyond that.

      Also, I had a jilbab from them a few years ago from an earlier line, well, maybe like 1 year ago, it was a sale jilbab right after they started the more extensive sizing and yes I was not impressed, the fabric, cut, everything was not good at all. In my opinion. But the new designs are a lot better, the fabrics, designs and cuts are a lot more modest and much better quality. They seem to be trying to improve their products on a consistant basis and sofar the 2 I have from them, I do really like and enjoy wearing. I havent had any qualms sofar.

      Maybe consider them again…you may find the new style in stark contrast to the older designs you have/had.

  3. It’s nice but I’m not really sure about Vest overlay overgarments as they look odd on me, also they are a bit 90s throwback-esque reminding me of stuff from Caravan xpress et al.

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