New Fall/Winter jelbab looks from Al Moultazimoun


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

The French Islamic clothing designer Al Moultazimoun has come out with a variety of new jelbab designs for the fall/winter season. One thing which always strikes me about this company is how innovative they are with trying different fabrics, cuts and designs. Their garments cover extremely well and come in a variety of styles…even mens and childrens designs but compared to other jelbab producers, they do not just recreate the same styles year after year (they do with a small core collection), they actually design

May I add I LOVE the microfiber they use, its the lightest, airiest thing Ive ever felt.  mash’Allah. Only major downside to them is their sizing runs towards short/average with few designs suitable for very tall sisters (some one piece jelbabs do come in extremely long lengths, but most of the two-piece ones do not) and the shipping cost can be annoying. Allahu alim.

If you’re interested in reading more about them…I reviewed a one-piece jelbab from them last spring. Its HERE.

Here are three which caught my eye…

This one is called Jelbab Marwa, it is actually my favorite design…you have the one piece jelbab look with a khimaar look with an abaya look. Definitely unique.

And then there is this one, called Jilbab Sarouel Jean, they have started having a version of a denim style with sarouel. The design changes a bit each season. The denim which they use is actually more like a silky, smooth cotton chambray, its not still, or heavy. Its very smooth and airy

Then this one, called Jilbab Taiba. This is actually the uniquest design yet…so, its actually two-pieces. There is a bisht style abaya and the jelbab piece is more like a khimar with slits at the side for the arms to go through, the back of the jelbab khimaar piece velcros into place under the arms and at the front of the jelbab. What I like about it is…well, its unique, but also seems versatile. You can wear the abaya alone as a bisht-style abaya or with the jelbab khimaar or wear the jelbab khimaar over another gown or even under a jacket or hoodie. Neat…Only downer is, they should have a zipper from the collar to the navel area for nursing mums as I could forsee this jelbab being very nursing friendly…maybe they will get my advice and put that in with the next version…

What do you think about their new designs…?

6 thoughts on “New Fall/Winter jelbab looks from Al Moultazimoun

  1. I saw them on their website a little bit ago. I really like the denim one but I’m not sure I’d wear it enough to make it worth buying since it’s a bit out of my norm. Plus as you mentioned they may run on the short side so I’d worry it wouldn’t be long enough for me. Everything I buy has to be nursing friendly so the last one is out for me but I do like the design.

  2. MashaAllah I love this site. I brought the ‘al baida’ jilbaba in maroon three months back for eid in the microfiber material and it was a buy I was well impressed with. Quality of tailoring is high mashaAllah. I also purchased two of the gathered khimaars and I recommend them too.

  3. I love marwa too- but don’t understand the top piece. Is it just a giant rectangular scarf? I’ve emailed them to ask. I wish they’d put written descriptions next to the photos! Plus what do you know about the different fabrics they use? E.g. The Mecca one piece which looks fab is available in two fabrics, but I’m not clear how heavy they are etc. Am not keen on heavy materials! Jazaki Allah Khayr!

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