Turban as “hijab” trend…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem


Its like, as if the whole Muslim women wearing leggings with tunic and a perfect scarf as “hijab” isnt crazy enough…now the trend is to take ones headscarf and wrap it up as a turban, exposing the neck, chest…basically ones awrah, complete with said above outfit of skinny jeans/leggings and tunic…

I’m sorry but, perhaps I live in a cave but…when did being half naked constitute proper hijab…?? Why are these sisters neglecting the VERY OBVIOUS rulings about hijab being about modest, baggy clothing and a scarf which covers the hair, neck and chest…

??? What about NOT wearing clothing which is known for other religious groups…???


Imam Abu Abdullah Qurtubi: “Women in those days used to cover their heads with the khimar, throwing its ends upon their backs. This left the neck and the upper part of the chest bare, along with the ears, in the manner of the Christians. Then Allah commanded them to cover those parts with the khimar.

Imam Abu’l-Fida ibn Kathir: “‘Draw their khumur to cover their bosoms’ means that they should wear the khimar in such a way that they cover their chests so that they will be different from the women of the jahiliyyah who did not do that but would pass in front of men with their chests uncovered and with their necks, forelocks, hair and earrings uncovered.

(taken from What is Khimar?)


I really am hoping this misguided trend wears itself out soon…I really haven’t seen too many Muslim women sporting this trend in my city-sofar, alhamdullah. Although I have seen a few shows up for Jummah, dressed like the sister above and well…hmmm.   Is it so import to them to blend in with society and dress like a non-Muslim…or that they think if they cover their scalp and luscious locks that, thats hijab…? And what kind of a message does that send to non-Muslims?  We should be educating non-Muslims about our deen and one way of doing so is by sporting our hijab properly-loud and proud…they ask questions, we answer them…we show we are proud of our religion and frankly…thats the best dawah ever. Isnt it…?




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  1. I’ve been seeing this A LOT lately. I think a lot of sisters are gravitating towards this style. Especially those living in the West or visiting there (after shedding abaya). I do think it’s cute, but I have to ask myself is this really hijab?? The way I look at it is you have to ask yourself “Is this suitable to pray in?” and “If the Prophet were to see me would he approve?”. That’s why I just stick with abaya. Safest and best choice, I feel.

  2. May Allah give them who wear this style guidance. May Allah guide us all. We are living in times of fitna and shaytain is attacking us sisters left, right and centre. When you have no problems adhering to proper hijab we should all thank Allah humbling and pray He protects our modesty. Subhnallah!

  3. Its funny because dare say one word of advice or nicely remind these girls and all hell breaks loose; your called wahabi, extremist, haram police, salafi. Its disgusting that these names are used in a malicious way to put down those who are trying their best to help advise these sisters as in the sunnah. They think they are the under-dogs and are always playing the victim card ie: they think everyone is out to get them so they are so defensive when mentioning one word of hijab.
    Its sad to see the non-muslim looking all confused because on one hand you have a lady in jilbab and khimar and on the other hand you have miss mini skirt/stockings/high heel boots/tissue like material covering her hair and a clown face full of make-up…what on earth would they be thinking..it must be 2 different religions astaghfirallah!
    Like the hadith says that i always try to remind myself
    “islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.” (Muslim, Abu Hurayrah)
    Those who feel like they are non conforming/unique/not following the crowds just remember this hadith as its speaks of our times today. We should just own that we are different as muslims and love that alhamdulillah.

    • Jundub – that Hadith gives me shivers! In a good way 🙂

      Veering off from the topic, I’ve seen more and more Sikh women wear turbans or headscarves as they rediscover their own faith. Interesting! Makes it difficult to know who to salaam 🙂

  4. Subhanallah, I never thought about the turban as imitating the dress of another religion! I wonder if the sisters who’ve adopted this have thought about that? Interestingly enough when I traveled to a West African country some years back I remember plenty of women, both muslim and non-muslim wearing this type of headwrap. So much so that I often couldn’t tell the difference because the cultural dress was the same!

  5. i generally always like what you post but i think this is just so mean. how are the girls half naked? or even close. they look classy and modest and arent strutting around in shorty shorts or low cut tops or anything.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sister because what they have on is completely going against what Muslim scholars have laid out as requirements for hejab for Muslim women…i.e. loose, opaque clothing, no curves shown, khimaar covering the head, neck and chest and preferably an overgarment. Thats why.

  6. Salam alaikum
    I really hope that the turban, the skinny jeans, and the leggings are done away with soon. They are not correct hijab, not even close. It makes me sad to see Muslims mock the hijab by pairing with with skin-tight clothing for a couple different reasons. First because it goes against what hijab is supposed to be, a covering. Second, when a non-Muslim sees a girl in skinnies and a hijab, they think that it’s OK for Muslims to dress like that so when they look at girls who are wearing abayas or even just girls in loose skirts and pants, they assume that we are some sort of extremist.

  7. I haven’t seen it here except on Arab tourists and sisters belonging to some Sufi groups (I’m not saying all Sufis but its true there are certain groups here where the hijab is like a symbolic thing with no specific conditions).

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