Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem.

I found this post on a sisters Tumblr and wanted to share it, hopefully more sisters become inspired to adopt proper hijab…Mash’Allah…



“Insha’Allah I’m going to start wearing abaya permanently tomorrow & it’s jummah 🙂

This morning (whilst finding it difficult to find modest clothes) I realised that wearing a abaya ensures my body is covered & I’ll no longer have to worry about that my jeans are too tight or if my clothes match or if my top/ dress covers my butt/chest.

I only have 1 abaya at the moment, my dad is going to give me money to buy 2 more over the weekend.

I’ll be free from the clothing distractions of this Dunya!”


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  1. Alhamdulilah my pants and long shirts are just as proper as this!!!!!! Stop acting like this is the only form of proper hijab and it is better than all other hijabs. Nothing will inspire me to wear that thing since my fashionable hijab is just as proper as that thing in the photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont need to wear an abaya or a jilbab to be in proper hijab.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sister thats your choice. Its between you and Allah subhana wa ta’ala…but be aware that practically all Muslim scholars do say that for a Muslimah an overgarment or overgarment-like attire is required for her to be in proper hijab, based on evidances in the Quran and hadeeths… for example this Sunni scholar makes a nice explaination. If it covers properly and your curves and form arent showing and its opaque and thick…not like that skinny pant nonsense and your awrah is covered and your khimaar covers your chest than, en’sha’Allah. But, isnt it better to err on the side of caution? Wearing an overgarment does take some of that hassle away…because you know everything is covered properly.

      here is the link I mentioned… http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?id=1909

      …and perhaps if you don’t feel ready to cover more, like in an overgarment than en’sha’Allah you’ll come to that. I know, we all go through phases as our learning increases and our eman increases…I used to think baggy pants and a long baggy shirt were OK too, but then the more I studied the more I felt like more was required. Personally, and jilbabs or abayaat do fit the bill. so, en’sha’Allah

      And lastly, you should say mash’Allah that this sister wants to improve her hijab and wear overgarments…en’sha’Allah shes successful in her endevors…

      • I agree with UmmIbrahim. Every muslim’s choice of dress is between them and their Rabb. We shouldn’t be upset by another sister’s choice to cover more in an effort to please HIM. Why should anyone be offended by that? Calling this sister’s clothing a “thing” is quite derogatory and not a nice way to speak about a fellow muslimah’s pefectly islamically acceptable style of dress. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala keep us guided toward what is right and pleasing in HIS eyes, ameen.

      • I wear a long shirt and loose pants and my chest is covered although it is with a cute colorful scarf. I don’t care if scholars think overgarments are required. I hate over garments (unless they are the super tailored turkish ones) because they are annoying unattractive and bulky). You dont need an overgarment. You just need to be covered. I never wear over garments and guess what I am STİLL COVERED PROPERLY. ı will NOT say masallah to this picture. You are acting so arrogant about it and you automatically assume a woman dressed like that is a better muslim. Pants and a long shirt are a completely appropirate form of hijab and my hijab doesnt need improving. My hijab is just as valid as that THİNG in the photo. I am sick of this crap. I am sick of people judging me based on what I choose to wear. I am sick of people acting like someone is better because she is wearing some all black islamic style. Islamic clothes in reality are no better than western clothes and proper hijab can be acheived in each. Alhamdulilah that my pants and loose shirt are just as pleasing to Allah as an abaya . I please Allah in modern fashionable clothing that is as much of a hijab as the picture. Stop judging people on what they wear and abayas and jilbabs arent any more proper than pants and a shirt.

  2. It is not that I dont feel ready to cover more, it is that I dont NEED to cover more. My hijab is fine as is and just because you are in an abaya or jilbab doesn’t mean your outfit is more pleasing to Allah than a hijabi who chooses not to wear those. I wear my perfectly appropriate pants and long shirt to please Allah and that is enough. I am sick of people automatically assuming that more covered Muslimas are better than everyone else just because of the way they dress.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sister C…why are you phreaking out? Why are you so defensive? As I said, its between you and your Rabb…not me. What you do is obviously up to you. I prefer to err on the side of caution and after much research have found that its a requirement for proper hejab-an overgarment. I personally am not verbally attacking you neither is any other sister…so why the flip out mode? If what we are saying is so upsetting to you…then its because deep down you know we are probably correct, yet your nafs is fighting it…but Allahu alim. I would appreciate it if you would come and leave comments which are less aggressive and more in line with proper islamic adab sister.

    • Sorry C but why make yourself out to be the victim its so old and you see it all the time with sisters who don’t like the truth i just don’t understand the whining? You sound kinda ignorant in this particular subject because you make no examples as to why you wouldn’t want to wear correct hijab apart from ” i don’t care if scholars think overgarments are required..i hate overgarments ” which sounds incredibly childish. If your not at a level to wear hijab correctly then thats your issue no need to come down on sisters who love wearing hijab and practising the requirements of it because if we haven’t all forgotten there is a criteria for hijab which if not met; its not hijab. I don’t know about you but i certainly wouldn’t want my personal ego issues with hijab to get in the way of following my creator’s laws correctly.
      Don’t hate on the sis in the pic because your not at the point,,,just be happy for her.

  3. Salam alaikum
    SubhanAllah if you honestly believe that what you are doing is right, there is no need to be so defensive when faced with another opinion. Such defensiveness makes it seem like you are unsure of yourself.

    • Indeed…Ive often found that sisters who are like this, deep down are inecure about their choices and know what your saying is correct but their hearts are closed and their nafs rules their brain. I just say Allahu alim…there is no need for flip out mode. Noone is attacking anyone. To each their own…because its between the sister and her Rabb.

      • …From Al-Ghazali’s Alchemy of Happiness which is so apt is “Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul, which sometimes helps me and sometimes opposes me”

  4. Thought of the day. Why do sisters get into “freak out” mode when you post about overgarments being fardh and provide proof and also support other sisters who have strove to perfect their deen and attire? Why do they become so offensive…yet its not directed at them? Why because deep down they know its correct? Yet their nafs stands in the way??? Why do sisters who do this think you are targeting them, when your obviously not…your just posting a post. As I have mentioned elsewhere, this blog is devoted to muhajabaah and munaqabaah fashions and thought and if a sister is offended by this, than thats her choice. Please do not read this blog then, unless you have an open mind. I’m sorry if I do not buy into the whole skinny jeans, tunic and turban as hijab nonsense…because its not and I wont, no matter how many get offended and freak out. LOL. Allahu alim

  5. C, it’s up to you how you dress but please know that disparaging any action that is mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah by using mocking terms and the like could constitute kufr according to the views of all mainstream Muslim scholars regardless of school of thought. That ‘thing’ as you describe it is close to that which was historically worn by the female Sahaaba and more importantly, the Umm Ul Mumineen radiAllaahu Anhum, fear Allaah and learn your deen, before its too late. It’s a major, major sin to make fun of or disparage other Muslims as well. When I was younger I didn’t know any of this and said some very wrong things about proper hijab (which is true whether you want to wear it or not), sisters who covered more than me, and overgarments, may Allaah forgive me. I really regret my behaviour now especially as I am now one of those women I would have mocked. Also sister you should at least say Allaahu Alim or InshaAllaah when talking about what Allaah is pleased with or not, you have stated things as facts about Allaah when none of us can speak for Allaah.

    • Mash’Allah…jazakh’Allah sister for your input. I agree with you 100% and I too didnt know a lot of what I know now back when I was younger, I also didn’t realize that overgarments were considered fardh according to basically ALL Muslim scholars..but I was open to learning. alhamdullah.

  6. Listen I am fine and not insecure. I am just so sick of people judging others on the way the dress and acting like all black and loose abayas are more proper than anything else. I honestly follow the Quran and I honestly don’t find over garments to be required since you can attain proper modesty without them. I am not making kufar nor sinning and I know my deen well. I fear Allah so please stop. Just because you wear over garments does not make you more modest and does not make you better. Also I never said skinny jeans were hijab. I am talking about looser jeans.

    • asalaamu alaikum…sister, where did anyone judge anybody? We are happy and supportive that, that sister has decided to wear proper hejab…?? Who are we judging? Why did it offend you so much that we are supportive of a sister who is striving to improve her deen? You should say Mash’Allah and en’sha’Allah we all continue to learn and improve.

      Like I have said multiple times, what you do is between yourself and your Rabb.

  7. The comment proper hijab is the issue. You act like that THİNG is the only version of proper hijab. Don’t tell me what to say and I wont say masallah. I may as just well start wearing that thing since people will start thinking I am better and more pious. Pants and cute outfitt are just as proper as that THİNG. Wearing that THİNG DOES NOT MAKE YOU CLOSER TO Allah than everyone else.

    ADDED BY BLOG OWNER…sister, your comments are extremely rude, nasty and disrespectful. From here on out, I will edit your comments or just not even allow them to be posted as they are bringing the whole vibe of the blog down. If you dislike what we say so much, please do yourself the favor and do not read it. En’sha’Allah Allah swt will open your eyes and heart to the truth.

  8. My eyes and heart are open to the truth alhamdulilah. I just don’t believe that certain garments make you more better than others and that certain hijab styles are necessarily more proper than others. People focus a lot on hijab and whenever people mention proper hijab they always use the style that is in the picture. While that is a perfectly good hijab masallah it isnt the ONLY form of hijab. It is very alienating to those of us who choose not to dress like that because it gives off thei impression that if you are not dressed like that you are not wearing proper hijab. Also you can be dressed properly without an overgarment. Sorry If I came across as rude and disrespectful.

  9. Someone is being a little melodramatic. Jeez.

    C: To be honest, the Quran is clear and most scholars will agree jilbab (an overgarment) is fard. You can choose to ignore it, it’s between you and God. But don’t you think trying to be fashionable is rather trivial when you’re covering up for modesty and religion?? Would any of the Prophet’s wives have been hijabi “fashionistas”?? Would you even feel comfortable meeting the Prophet saw if he were alive today in your high fashion trendy outfits? Or even going to Mecca like that?

  10. @Amal What scholars have to say doesn’t mean anything to me. I coudln’t care less if some scholar says an overgarment is fard. Scholars often times overstep their boundaries in making things fard, sunnah, haram etc. The Quran says just to wear loose modest clothing and to cover my body shape so no I don’t need an ugly bulky overgarment. I am proud of being a hijabi fashionista. Being fashionable and wearing proper hijab are not incompatible . Being a hijabi fashonista doesn’t make me less pious. Yes I would feel completely comfortable meeting the prophet in my fashionable clothing because it fits the requirement of proper hijab. My fasihonable hijab is just as valid and proper as what you wear. I may not go to Mecca in the outfit because sadly Mecca is filled with religious police who have the exact same narrow view of hijab that you do and wrongly believe that a hijab has to be a loose black garment. However if Mecca was run by more tolerant and open minded Muslims I would wear my clothing there. Also we have no way of knowing what the prophet’s wives would wear today, but speculating is a complete waste of time. You are arrogant mean and judgmental and I am proud of being a hijabi fashionista.

    • @ C aka hijabi fashionista LOL…you have so much pent up anger!!! subhanallah. it seems like you have been wronged in some way, maybe some mean sisters have said some harsh words to you or you have had some bad experiences but its like you have a HUE chip on you shoulder. The quicker you stop with the victim attitude the quicker you will be able to learn about hijab with an “open mind”. If you have been to Mecca there are muslims from all walks of life, asian/europeans/arab/african/american/latin american and do you think they all wear black overhead jilbabs?..NO.
      Do you think those ” religious police” in the area would have time to point out people wearing “your clothing” and stop you to ask you to change? i don’t think so in a crowd of millions. No need to make yourself more relevant, people aren’t busy worrying about your hijab, no one cares…your the one that should care because its between yourself and Allah. This is a blog about HIJAB, wether that definition suites you or not the blog owner at least provides authentic proof to back her definition of hijab. Unless you would like to provide authentic proof that what we are speaking of is not in fact acceptable hijab then go for it, but im guessing your going to tell me you don’t care about authentic proof. This post was so straight forward. The turban “hijab” IS NOT HIJAB. Even the girls who wear it would admit that they are not wearing correct hijab most of the time but you are defiant in learning so its clear why your so angry. Knowledge is power remember that and whats more important then knowledge in the most perfect religion Islam.

    • LOL hahaha. I’M arrogant, mean and judgemental?? Says the person who came on this post on her high horse saying no one can tell you what to wear when no one even tried to.
      You dont listen to religious scholars? That’s odd because these are people who spend their life studying Islam to the T and the Quran uses the word “jalabib” (overgarments) in Arabic in the verse saying for women to wear hijab and cover. You can’t argue with that, it’s in the Quran.
      But wear what u want to wear. It’s odd how defensive you are over “fashion hijab” but attacked a sister for wanting to wear abaya you call a “thing”. I hope you’re just a troll because if not you need to get a clue.

    • asalaamu alaikum…actually sister ive lived in Saudi and Makkah is not filled with religious police. LOL…there are “haia” but they are not overly active in general and except for *peak* pilgrimage times (Omrah and Hajj) you barely even see them and their job is more so to keep being behaving that telling a woman to put an abaya on. Also the Hejaz is very liberal and open and there is a huge diversity due to pilgrims and merchants from around the world who stayed…so the Hejaz is definetly NOT like what you think. Also, I was in the eastern provinces and there were haia in the malls but again, their main job was to keep the young men in line and from harrassing women…which is a HUGE problem. I saw many Saudi women in abaya without a tarha and even some foreign workers who didnt even wear abaya, just like dresses or a manteau or whatever…the haia care more about behavior in public-like men not skeezing on men-than bothering women about their abaya. I believe only in the Nejd are they on women about their garments but even then…its not as common as what people think…and to frank..within Saudi I had very good experiences with the “uber religious” types…they tended to be very friendly…like I left my wallet in a ladies fitting room and some woman who looked to be uber conservative and probably the wife of a Haia or haia-type managed to track me down based on my poicture on the iqama and give me back my wallet…completely intact…also they tended to be kind to western Muslims…I got many free gifts from religious Saudi’s who ran stores, like free Quraans and dawah material to bring back to the USA, even one older brother who ran an abaya shop in a mall gave me a free abaya to give to a sister who couldnt afford an abaya (a friend back in the USA)…so honestly, I didnt have any problems…I think your idea of Saudi is not correct. I know youve lived and studied in Turkey, so perhaps your interactions with the non-religious Turks has colored your lenses…but you need to be more open minded.

  11. Ok I was not speaking of a Turban hiijab. i never even.mentioned the turban style and.honestly I find it unattractive . I agree with you that that specific style isn’t hjab. I wear loose jeans and a long top or a skirt. also my hijab covers my chest. most of my clothes dont come from Muslim stores. i go to places like mango or zara and get clothes in a larger size. i am not a victim but I have had issues in the past with Muslim women judging me by the way I dress. People have accused.me of not fearing Allah and not taking my religion seriously solely based on the fact
    that I don’t wear abayas. it is ridiculous. i am not an angry person. i feel like I can be.properly covered without an over garment
    Although I will occasionally wear a cute Turkish paradesu.Also now that it is winter I wear a peacoat almost everywhere. but.normally I use a long cardigan.for my over garment

    • Soz about the turban comment i confused with the previous post!
      Honestly C i could see that u had crappy experiences with sisters or mean ppl who like to look down upon those who aren’t to their level..i get that as a convert i know what thats like and i isolated myself from the community before i really understood that muslims are not perfect and they say stupid things but i shouldn’t let my islam be effected by them cos that only brings me down. I think the outer hijab is only 1 aspect of the entire thing like you mentioned. Yes we have all seen niqabi’s with drag queen makeup and 5 inch stilettos prancing around with the abaya open to reveal leggings and god only now’s what else, and yes i know hijab is more then that. I realise some people just see niqab and think modesty but they are ignorant. Don’t let those that put you down effect your islam because thats yours. Iv had comments made to me that would leave you gasping, and it took a lot for me to move forward and not be bitter cos its not productive. Anyway i hope u understand what i was trying to say.

    • sister, Im sorry youve had problems with sisters in the past attacking you for your attire…thats obviously NOT right, if they had wanted to give you naseehah, there is a proper way to do so, with adaab…personally I try to not bother or get involved in how a sister is acting or what she is wearing, if a sister is curious…I tell them, otherwise I dont…I prefer to lead by example. As another sister here mentioned this blog IS about Hijab and specifically muhajabaah and munaqabaah fashions/thought and its quite blatant…I dont hide it…and I do back up what I say with proof and I try to utilize proofs from all major schools of thought as I want this blog to be as useful for as many sisters as possible. en’sha’Allah. Hence, I understand where you are coming from…your upset over how you were treated in the past but honestly, this blog IS about a particular strain of thought as regarding covering and if its hard for you to swallow thats between you and your Rabb. Not me, and noone has attacked you or been nasty to you…en’sha’Allah you will come to be more open.

  12. I just wanted to say that I have seen alot women in pants in musjidul haram and nabawi, usually it is indian/pakistani or turkish style traditional clothes which are mostly very bright and colorful, and nobody minds 🙂

  13. Assalamu Alaikum,that’s a post from my blog. I randomly found it here and was like ah I wrote that 2 months ago! I started wearing the hijab on September 17th and I started wearing Abaya the day after I made that post on my Tumblr in October. A few days after starting to wear a Abaya, I found out wearing a outer garment was Fardh I was like I’m never not wearing a jilbab/abaya again.

    When I first started sixth form college in September though I was wearing a headscarf, long loose dresses or tops I did feel covered and that I was observing the hijab. But now, after wearing a abaya for 2 months and a bit I feel more modest dressed in it. And Insha’Allah would like to start wearing a overhead Abaya soon.

    I personally feel more covered up and as Abayas are loose I never have to question if my clothing is modest. And I feel that by wearing a abaya/jilbab it fulfillsthe requirements of hijab.

    But as we all know modesty and faith do not always go. I go to a sixth form centre in central London where there are a lot of muslims, Masha’Allah. There’s sisters in my school who wear Abaya and headscarf but have never been to one of the Jammat salah or Khutbah’s or sisters circles. And Sadly, these are the same sisters who I see laughing with boys and talking to boys at break time and at the bus stop. But I know sisters who wear what is not considered proper hijab as in a headscarf and skinny jeans but try hard with the deen, pray Sunnah salah, spend their time reading Qur’an & books on Tawheed & Fiqh and know a lot about Islam.

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