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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Recently Ive had the chance to try out another popular brand of overhead jelbab from France called Jelbab Al-Atlas. Ive mentioned before the other Jelbab brands coming out of France like El Bassira, Al Manassik, Al Moultazimoun. Al Moultazimoun is its own brand and is sold in its own store where as El Bassira, Al Atlas and Al Manassik are sold in various little boutiques and online shops.

Anyway, Al Atlas jelbabs are pretty similar to other brands, but Ive noticed a few differences.

So, the one I have on below I got from which is based in Tolouse and which carries both Al Atlas and El Bassira jelbabs. The one I have from them is a called a papillion or buttefly cut and it comes with a matching, very flaired, A-line skirt.  The color seen below is called “saumon” but really, it looks more like a deep rose tone than a salmon tone-which is a bit more orangy.


Basically the papillion cut is available with all of the jelbab brands Ive named above…there is the papillion and then the regular cut which is more straight with sleeves.  The papillion has the full width of the fabric and elastic cuffs (except al Moultazimoun which uses a straight cuff).

Anyway with the Al-Atlas brand, I guess the major differences are just with the elastic at the wrists, the elastic is more narrow and thin which personally, I like, as its easier to push the sleeves up for wearing under a coat, whereas the other brands use very thick elastic which can feel more binding when pushed up-I usually wear my coat over the jilbab for ease- also the Al Atlas brand has a much wider array of colors…of course they aren’t anything like Al Manassik with something like 26 or 28 shades but they are close!  Right now the “trendy” colors are Teal, a pale violet, a pale pink and burgundy and they have all of these shades along with the more usual shades like khaki, beige, black, brown, navy and some other hybrid shades like grey-ish green. Personally I LOVE the color options…I prefer the jelbabs because not only do they cover in an ideal fashion but come in a nice array of colors so if one day I’m feeling like green I can wear green and then pink the next day. Mash’Allah.


Also the Al Atlas brand comes in basically two types of fabric. Peachskin and Microfiber (koshibo)…they have a new koshibo called microfiber d’Italie which is basically Italian koshibo. I lurrrrvvveee that fabric!  Its next to the type what Al Moultazimoun uses…its sooo luscious…its very lightweight, airy, with a good drape and its not prone to static or wrinkles. It has the very minor gloss/sheen that all microfibers have and it lets air in.  The Peachskin is OK but a bit thicker and stiffer and personally I think more of a fall/winter fabric whereas the koshibo-esp the Italian koshibo is suitable all year around. I also like how it doesnt make a scratchy sound around my ears when I am wearing it…also I just pop the sets in the washer and then the drier with a static sheet and voila…good to go.

I just wanted to share with you all my review of the Al Atlas brand of jelbab. I usually buy the type of 2 piece with the sleeve cut, but have been going more for the papillion cut as of late as it works equally well alone or under the jacket (sleeves pushed up) and they are easier to layer over a sweater if you choose…also I think they look sleeker. Also originally the color choices were the main draw for me. LOL.

As far as the shipping from France went. Akhawat does EMS and regular postal shipping. I did the regular postal shipping and it came in around 2 weeks. They are quite careful with shipping abroad and if you have any questions they will gladly answer them…oh and they know English which is a perk!



8 thoughts on “Review: Jelbab Al-Atlas

  1. Mashallah, I love this color. However I’m wondering how it will stand up to the snow? Like will it show water stains?? Can you also share if it has elastic or ties to secure it to your head and whether the sleeves are able to be slid up far enough for wudu?

    • wa alaikum as salaam…well one nice thing about the koshibo microfibers is they wash very very well. Honestly if any of them get stains from food or dirt I just drizzle some white vinegar on the stains/marks and let it sit 15min and then launder as par normal..or use spray remover. Everything comes right out. Ive never had problems…not even with greasy stuff! Mash’Allah… Also we havent had snow here at all, which is VERY weird this late in the season…but I reckon…it would be the same as an abaya…just wash and go. Also, yes sis, the sleeves hcan be pushed right up to your armpits! LOL Like when Im going out I put on a long sleeved shirt under, the jelbab and then if I need a coat or whatever push them up to my upper biceps and slip my arms in the coat, it looks a bit less bulky than the overhead jelbabs which have more of a sleeve, those then to make the upper arms of the coat/jacket look as squooshy/bumpy and lumpy. Does this help? en’sha’Allah…

      • Oh and dof, as far as water stains…hmm, regular water…no, it dries, but lets say its like dirty water…and it dries, yes its a bit visible…but they wash right out in the laundry. This is a problem with most lighter colored fabrics Ive found…basically anything unless its black, navy or a dark brown will show some water marks if dirty water or liquids get on them. But water, water…like from wuduh or rain…I havent found that to be a problem and we did have rain today and I had this exact one one.

      • Great! I’m seriously loving these and like the ability to push the sleeves up because you’re right it does get a bit tight when wearing a coat if you can’t push them up. I have that problem with the one I bought. I’ll probably have to start wearing my poncho with it instead.

  2. Subhanallah… you look very elegant wearing it Umm Ibrahim. A few friends of mine are so interested in this jelbab and keep asking me to import them from Al Moultazimoun but I’m still not ready to do it. I also like this style.

    • Jazak’Allah’Khair! Don’t forget to say Mash’Allah :-)…actually sis, you can email me and I can give you some ideas of where to get them from…gthe major problem is supplier…cuz most of the manufacturers speak French and very little English so its difficult dealing with them. But, perhaps in the future. My email is listed above under one of the page links…if you want. 🙂

  3. Mashallah sis looking gawjus!! I was wondering if the photos show the material to be really shiny because of the camera you used or thats what it would be like in normal daylight? Jazkallah khair for sharing these reviews i seriously LOVE your blog.

    • asalaamu alaikum…aww, thanks…its very comfy, mash’Allah. Sis both Peachskin and Koshibo microfiber have a slight sheen in the fabric, I’m sure youve seen peachskin fabric…its like that. Its not satin or shiny perse, but just has a slight gloss or sheen to it. I prefer this fabric over the matte as I think it looks nicer and its very lightweight and airy on the head…

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