About this blog

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh!

Who is Old School Hejabi?

I’m a Muslima, long time Mohajabah, and a Mom to a too cool little kidlet! (Mash’Allah). I prefer to go by my kunya of Umm Ibrahim aka. Old School Hejabi.

Why this blog?
This blog is devoted to conservative Mohajabaat and Monaqabaat fashion which is in line with Islamic guidelines. As another sister has mentioned on her blog…”there is nothing wrong with loving fashion as long as its Shariah compliant” and I couldn’t agree more.

I started this blog several years ago as I saw then and still see today a serious lack of blogs geared towards Muslim women who dress conservatively in abayaat, jilbabs, khimaars and niqabs! In my opinion, there are wayyyy to many blogs which cater to attire which is far from islamically appropriate with skinny jeans, short shirts but perfect scarves…aka. Rue 21 Hejab. This blog does not cover  not cater to those styles but instead focuses on attire which fullfills the religious requirements for hejab!

Why the term “Old School Hejabi”?

Well, cuz I’m Old School! Yah, really…I started to cover in the mid/late 90s back when there was no such thing as “hijabista”! When wearing hejab was NOT cool or trendy!  I believe that hejab is not just a headscarf but in its fullest religious sense a term encompassing modesty in attire AND behavior and that is that. I do not, never have and never will consider proper hejab doudy or old fashioned! There is beauty and dignity in the simple and elegant lines of true hejab!

I sincerely pray this blog gives sisters who dress conservatively in their hejab to please their God an outlet for ideas and stories and en’sha’Allah to encourage sisters new to Islam or covering to decide to dress the way they should be dressed! Not the way society *thinks* they should dress! ameen…

Jazakh’Allah’Khair for reading this!


9 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Asalaamu 3laykum,
    love your blog masha’Allah! Please could you have a ‘question’ feature – have lots of hijab related questions to put to you!

    Jazaki Allah khayr, Amy

  2. Salaam!!

    MashAllah! I’ve just been reading many of your posts and they are very informative as well as amusing! You definitely have a flair for writing! 😛 I just had a few quick questions for you if you wouldn’t mind replying

    First of all, I’ve applied to train as a radiographer and InshAllah if all goes to plan I shall start university in September. However, I’ve been told and I have seen many hijabi sisters wearing the typical tunic top with short sleeves and I’m sorry if I misunderstood but I gathered from your posts you are either a nurse or training to become one? How did you get around covering your arms?

    Second, I’m looking to buy some abayas and as I’m in the UK shipping costs from the US look a tad too high 😛 As you seem to give good recommendations, I just wondered if you have heard of either http://www.aleenaabayas.co.uk/index.php or http://www.jilbabs.co.uk/ and what you think?

    Jazakallah Khayr for your help and I look forward to reading more of your posts! 😀

    • wa alaikum as salaam…For nursing…its called a long sleeved under shirt. LOL…simple as pie…then you push them up a bit for nasty stuff. Nothing major. Its pretty common here in the USA. Ive ordered from sunnahclothing and they r in the UK…reasonable prices…OK try them. en’sha’Allah.

  3. Btw I’m a doctor and here in the UK most hospitals have introduced ‘bare below elbows’ policies for ward work. It’s an infection control issue. The research behind it is not conclusive – you could try and argue your case if you really object. However I have no problem with rolling up sleeves for procedures/examinations – would not want to harm anyone!

  4. subhanallah sis,

    Sound just like me 😀 and i agree about not having jilbab/abaya blogs which focus on modesty and not dazzling everyone. Inshallah i will be doing some posts on my blog with reviews on jilbabas i have bought. So please check it out some time 😀

  5. asalamou alekoum, I enjoy your blog, in Montreal the jelbabs are coming full force now…last year you coulnt see them! Im umm Ibrahim too lol! mashaAllah

  6. assalamualaikum ya ukhti. I’d love to get myself some chador.. but i’m from singapore so i don’t know where i can get it online? Those modern chadors are nice too. Jazakillah kheyr if you’re able to help me out.

  7. Asalaamu 3laykum,
    You might already have a full post about this somewhere, and I know you often talk about it in general, but could you do a short summary of the different types of fabric abayas etc are often made from? For instance, Aalrasheed do an interesting chador/niqab combo on eBay made of mustaqbal crepe, but I’ve no idea what that is! Any thoughts? Jazaki Allah Khayr.

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