Review: Jelbab Al-Atlas


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Recently Ive had the chance to try out another popular brand of overhead jelbab from France called Jelbab Al-Atlas. Ive mentioned before the other Jelbab brands coming out of France like El Bassira, Al Manassik, Al Moultazimoun. Al Moultazimoun is its own brand and is sold in its own store where as El Bassira, Al Atlas and Al Manassik are sold in various little boutiques and online shops.

Anyway, Al Atlas jelbabs are pretty similar to other brands, but Ive noticed a few differences.

So, the one I have on below I got from which is based in Tolouse and which carries both Al Atlas and El Bassira jelbabs. The one I have from them is a called a papillion or buttefly cut and it comes with a matching, very flaired, A-line skirt.  The color seen below is called “saumon” but really, it looks more like a deep rose tone than a salmon tone-which is a bit more orangy.


Basically the papillion cut is available with all of the jelbab brands Ive named above…there is the papillion and then the regular cut which is more straight with sleeves.  The papillion has the full width of the fabric and elastic cuffs (except al Moultazimoun which uses a straight cuff).

Anyway with the Al-Atlas brand, I guess the major differences are just with the elastic at the wrists, the elastic is more narrow and thin which personally, I like, as its easier to push the sleeves up for wearing under a coat, whereas the other brands use very thick elastic which can feel more binding when pushed up-I usually wear my coat over the jilbab for ease- also the Al Atlas brand has a much wider array of colors…of course they aren’t anything like Al Manassik with something like 26 or 28 shades but they are close!  Right now the “trendy” colors are Teal, a pale violet, a pale pink and burgundy and they have all of these shades along with the more usual shades like khaki, beige, black, brown, navy and some other hybrid shades like grey-ish green. Personally I LOVE the color options…I prefer the jelbabs because not only do they cover in an ideal fashion but come in a nice array of colors so if one day I’m feeling like green I can wear green and then pink the next day. Mash’Allah.


Also the Al Atlas brand comes in basically two types of fabric. Peachskin and Microfiber (koshibo)…they have a new koshibo called microfiber d’Italie which is basically Italian koshibo. I lurrrrvvveee that fabric!  Its next to the type what Al Moultazimoun uses…its sooo luscious…its very lightweight, airy, with a good drape and its not prone to static or wrinkles. It has the very minor gloss/sheen that all microfibers have and it lets air in.  The Peachskin is OK but a bit thicker and stiffer and personally I think more of a fall/winter fabric whereas the koshibo-esp the Italian koshibo is suitable all year around. I also like how it doesnt make a scratchy sound around my ears when I am wearing it…also I just pop the sets in the washer and then the drier with a static sheet and voila…good to go.

I just wanted to share with you all my review of the Al Atlas brand of jelbab. I usually buy the type of 2 piece with the sleeve cut, but have been going more for the papillion cut as of late as it works equally well alone or under the jacket (sleeves pushed up) and they are easier to layer over a sweater if you choose…also I think they look sleeker. Also originally the color choices were the main draw for me. LOL.

As far as the shipping from France went. Akhawat does EMS and regular postal shipping. I did the regular postal shipping and it came in around 2 weeks. They are quite careful with shipping abroad and if you have any questions they will gladly answer them…oh and they know English which is a perk!


Review: Asoratti Yarn Candy!


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem


Meet Esra…the heart, brains and brawn behind her very own knitting/crochet label Asoratti!


Now, I know Esra personally…she is a young Saudi woman from the Eastern Province who is currently studying Interior Design in the UK. She previous was doing her studies in the USA and then transfered to the “exotic” United Kingdom to improve her knitting skills.-OK, I’m joking around, but seriously…this young woman is a serious phenomenon. Not only does she attend school full time, but also runs her very own home grown business doing what she absolutely loves!  You have to admit, thats wonderful when you are able to pinpoint something you truly enjoy doing at such a young age and are able to make a business out of it. Win-win! Mash’Allah.

Anyway, she started out as Knitella but decided Asoratti would be a better fit. She has a regular line of knit items and is open to special orders. Right now her big thing are these funky little bracelets made from yarn nick-named “yarn candy” along with quirky headbands, gloves, scarves and wraps, socks and anything else you can dream up!  She often hit the craft fairs and is a member of several knitting groups and circles in the UK and around the world.Obviously, Ive been intrigued by her growing business for awhile and when she asked me if I would do a review and a shout-out for her on Old School Hejabi I gladly accepted…because not only was I eager to see her work up close and personal but also to support both a friend and a sister who is tryin’ to get her business going, doin’ what she loves! How can that not be awesome?


Onward I go…so she sent me a selection of yarn bracelets…aka…yarn candy.  I thought this would be the best item for me to review as I really don’t wear headbands (too bulky over my scarves) and I tend to like bracelets and am always up for something unique and one of a kind. I know the whole yarn thing  left me thinking…OK, will they look totally Boho and Hippie-ish and will I dig them…?

So, they came from the UK to me Stateside in around 2 weeks via regular Postal mail. They came nicely packaged up and safe, mash’Allah. Everything she makes is completely handmade and is made of 100% wool and her designs are all her own.




And worn…so Ive been wearing them around, they actually go with almost everything that I wear, I’m a casual sort personally so I tend to favor low-key accessories and these are quite suitable. Only downside is, because they are yarn they are a bit stretchy and I have had to re-knot them a few times so they don’t slide off my wrists…oh and kidlet decided he loved the awesomeness of the green one, commandeered it and has been wearing it almost daily. I had to re-knot it so it would fit him.




Here are some other samples of her work. Really, I think its great what she is doing and I hope that Asoratti will continue to grow!  Personally, I’d rather wear something which was made carefully and by hand by someone who is really devoted to their craft verses dropping a few bucks on some cookie-cutter, machine made “typical” knitted item as it just lacks the character and story which a handmade piece always has!



Jazakh’Allah’Khair Esra for letting me review your cute yarn bracelets!

Review: StyleJ denim skirt- charcoal swishing…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem.

I’m trying to wear more skirts now that I think I’ve figured out ways to make them more comfortable for me…like trying to wear ones with an elastic waist and a lot of room for walking and comfort or if a regular waistband that they fit nicely and provide enough room for comfort as well. Unfortunately although i bough a LOT of rather funky long skirts when I was in Saudi for a year a few years ago, the majority are in storage and remain in storage as they are all cut narrow in the waist and hips. They fit…don’t get me wrong, obviously they fit, but they are NOT comfortable, they pinch and bind where they shouldnt…particularly if I wear them over leggings or lightweight pants as I like to do.

Hence enter in StyleJ. So there are NOW more long-skirt oiptions out there on the US market. I remember before going to Saudi I really felt like I lucked out if I found a florr length, slitless skirt at Rainbow or Burlington…I hardly ever found them anywhere else and even online, they were difficult to find. But now, it seems like a lot more shops catering to women who wear modest clothing (of whatever religion) and want long, slitless skirts which have some style about them. Ive known about them for awhile but never felt cvompelled to buy from them before. I was like, I got a box of skirts I never wear anyway…so, why…?  But, since those ones arent very comfortable…I wanted to try them, also they are known to have good quality skirts so I was like…why not.

I got this one…

Charcoal Long Denim Skirt.

and on me…yup, I can’t do the “pose” and nor do I own heels. LOL


Why charcoal? why denim…? I dunno, but I figured charcoal with go with most items I actually wear and denim…hey why not.

Ah, I absolutely think its awesome.
The fabric is a cotton denim with a touch of stretch spandex so it has some GIVE. I am not a pan of 100% cotton denim (unless they are VERY lightweight) as I just find them to be too stiff and to uncomfortable for me to wear. I know some will ONLY wear 100% natural fabrics, but by now, I’m sure you all know…I dont care either way. I think synthetics do have their perks (downsides too, yes, but lotsa perks as well) and again, to each their own. I find I need the touch of stretch for comfort. Others may not feel that way.  The cut is very A-line and I can achieve a normal walking stride without feeling like I’m being hobbled or held back…which is important to me. I wanna be able to RUN in a skirt if I have too-you know, dodging cars while crossing streets and soforth. LOL

It ahs typical denim skirt styling. Its actually a bit darker in real life and the fabric is quite substantial and high quality.

The skirt comes all nicely wrapped up with paper on the StyleJ embossed button (nice touch!) and the hem is frayed-although its meant to be like that. Gives its a casual air.
Now as far as sizing goes…its 40inches long. Now I’m 5ft4. It drags on the ground BUT I WANT it to drag on the ground, it doesn’t like trail after me, but it does touch the ground…and anyone who knows me, knows I prefer my stuff to hit the ground. Nothing I loath more than an ankle length skirt. To me, I think it looks dorky. LOL (unless its raining or snowing-then, nothing is dorky!) For sizing…I got my usual skirt sizing and I actually think they are quite extensive with explaining the sizing or each skirt and everything, like some skirts are more slim fit, whereas others are roomier. Thats a nice touch, I appreciate that as I do take that into consideration! Now, the skirt is a bit looser around the waist than what I would generally choose, but I knew this would be the case as I fall between 2 sizes and I knew with the stretch there would be some give, but again, i’m OK with that as I can comfortably wear this skirt over leggings or pants slips or whatever without a binding-feeling. Plus, its easy as pie to stitch the sides in 1/3rd of an inch if I really find it necessary, so the perks of a looser fit, are to me, worth it. If I wasnt so particular I’d have sized down one size.

Otherwise, excellent…definetly a quality skirt, made to last. Not the cheapest thing ever…esp. as I found several places online and in real life selling similar skirts for a lot cheaper…but I wanted something quality so I figured this one may be a better deal, overall. Oh and the shipping was INCREDIBLY fast…like Shukr USA fast! Like 2 days and voila!!! I was in awe.

I did wear it out this evening for a walk with the kidlet about 3/4th of a mile to some little shops to buy a few household items and I was able to layer a thin pair of leggings under it and walk normally…I felt very comfortable. I didnt feel binded or like I would trip or…weird. Just, comfortable and normal. mash’Allah.

have any of you ordered from StyleJ…if so, what did you think of their skirts…?