Review: StyleJ denim skirt- charcoal swishing…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem.

I’m trying to wear more skirts now that I think I’ve figured out ways to make them more comfortable for me…like trying to wear ones with an elastic waist and a lot of room for walking and comfort or if a regular waistband that they fit nicely and provide enough room for comfort as well. Unfortunately although i bough a LOT of rather funky long skirts when I was in Saudi for a year a few years ago, the majority are in storage and remain in storage as they are all cut narrow in the waist and hips. They fit…don’t get me wrong, obviously they fit, but they are NOT comfortable, they pinch and bind where they shouldnt…particularly if I wear them over leggings or lightweight pants as I like to do.

Hence enter in StyleJ. So there are NOW more long-skirt oiptions out there on the US market. I remember before going to Saudi I really felt like I lucked out if I found a florr length, slitless skirt at Rainbow or Burlington…I hardly ever found them anywhere else and even online, they were difficult to find. But now, it seems like a lot more shops catering to women who wear modest clothing (of whatever religion) and want long, slitless skirts which have some style about them. Ive known about them for awhile but never felt cvompelled to buy from them before. I was like, I got a box of skirts I never wear anyway…so, why…?  But, since those ones arent very comfortable…I wanted to try them, also they are known to have good quality skirts so I was like…why not.

I got this one…

Charcoal Long Denim Skirt.

and on me…yup, I can’t do the “pose” and nor do I own heels. LOL


Why charcoal? why denim…? I dunno, but I figured charcoal with go with most items I actually wear and denim…hey why not.

Ah, I absolutely think its awesome.
The fabric is a cotton denim with a touch of stretch spandex so it has some GIVE. I am not a pan of 100% cotton denim (unless they are VERY lightweight) as I just find them to be too stiff and to uncomfortable for me to wear. I know some will ONLY wear 100% natural fabrics, but by now, I’m sure you all know…I dont care either way. I think synthetics do have their perks (downsides too, yes, but lotsa perks as well) and again, to each their own. I find I need the touch of stretch for comfort. Others may not feel that way.  The cut is very A-line and I can achieve a normal walking stride without feeling like I’m being hobbled or held back…which is important to me. I wanna be able to RUN in a skirt if I have too-you know, dodging cars while crossing streets and soforth. LOL

It ahs typical denim skirt styling. Its actually a bit darker in real life and the fabric is quite substantial and high quality.

The skirt comes all nicely wrapped up with paper on the StyleJ embossed button (nice touch!) and the hem is frayed-although its meant to be like that. Gives its a casual air.
Now as far as sizing goes…its 40inches long. Now I’m 5ft4. It drags on the ground BUT I WANT it to drag on the ground, it doesn’t like trail after me, but it does touch the ground…and anyone who knows me, knows I prefer my stuff to hit the ground. Nothing I loath more than an ankle length skirt. To me, I think it looks dorky. LOL (unless its raining or snowing-then, nothing is dorky!) For sizing…I got my usual skirt sizing and I actually think they are quite extensive with explaining the sizing or each skirt and everything, like some skirts are more slim fit, whereas others are roomier. Thats a nice touch, I appreciate that as I do take that into consideration! Now, the skirt is a bit looser around the waist than what I would generally choose, but I knew this would be the case as I fall between 2 sizes and I knew with the stretch there would be some give, but again, i’m OK with that as I can comfortably wear this skirt over leggings or pants slips or whatever without a binding-feeling. Plus, its easy as pie to stitch the sides in 1/3rd of an inch if I really find it necessary, so the perks of a looser fit, are to me, worth it. If I wasnt so particular I’d have sized down one size.

Otherwise, excellent…definetly a quality skirt, made to last. Not the cheapest thing ever…esp. as I found several places online and in real life selling similar skirts for a lot cheaper…but I wanted something quality so I figured this one may be a better deal, overall. Oh and the shipping was INCREDIBLY fast…like Shukr USA fast! Like 2 days and voila!!! I was in awe.

I did wear it out this evening for a walk with the kidlet about 3/4th of a mile to some little shops to buy a few household items and I was able to layer a thin pair of leggings under it and walk normally…I felt very comfortable. I didnt feel binded or like I would trip or…weird. Just, comfortable and normal. mash’Allah.

have any of you ordered from StyleJ…if so, what did you think of their skirts…?


A week in skirts…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

OK, do you all remember the post I had about my thinking about skirts but mentioned my qualms with them and why I don’t really wear them…mainly not too comfy around the waist area and feeling the need to always wear pants under them…for comfort and modesty.

Well, I think I found a solution. Yes the “snip-to-fit” pant slip came…they actually came on Saturday…and yes they are very nice, are what i was looking for and do fit…but, being that they are nylon and its now late fall…oh dear, they just aren’t warm enough!  I think I will keep them more for spring/summer as they would be ideal then.

So, yes, anyway…this what Ive been doing. I found some very thick, black stirrup leggings in this really warm, fuzzy, feels like polar-fleece but they arent-type of material from Burlington Coat Factory. They are elastic waist and when I put them on…they miraculously stay put. No sliding or moving.  Thats one thing which I always hated about tights and hose and probably what put me off of skirts to begin with. being that they are  leggings, they arent baggy and sofar arent catching on the skirts Ive been wearing.  Oh and…they ARE warm!!!

Thanks for Hurricane Sandy we’ve had 5 days-YES 5 DAYS of freezing cold weather, rain…rain…rain and ice!!!  Its been a huge mess outside yet I wore a skirt the entire time and not once did my hem get wet (ok, not THAT wet) and not once did I feel cold…those leggings kept me sooo warm.

The skirts Ive worn are those very baggy, elastic waisted skirts which come with the French 2-piece jelbab sets. For the times that I’ve had to walk in rain I roll the waist a bit so the skirt hits around my ankles and miraculously, I stay quite dry. I also didnt have any problems with the skirts flying up as peachskin and koshibo microfiber are slightly heavier weight fabrics with some weight and due to the leggings being stirrup style I didnt worry that the pants would slide up and expose my ankles…wooohooo

A grey microfiber koshibo skirt from al-Moultazimoun.

Anyway, nothing much more than that…I just wanted to share that I actually wore a skirt for almost a week now and really haven’t felt uncomfortable or held back.  I know I’ll go back to my jeans and sweats soon enough…but I probably wont be so hesitant to wear skirts more often.

**I nipped into the masjid after class for salaat…can you tell I have a sweater on under my jilbab? LOOL.  I was able to fit the batwing jelbab under my jacket quite easily, I just pulled up the cuffs alittle to elbow length and I was able to slide my arms into my jacket.  In a grey Al-Moultazimoun 2 piece jelbab set (btw I still have 4 left of these for sale in L/XL!, they are up on the storenvy site)


Skirting the issue…or maybe not…


Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

OK, maybe I like to procrastinat too much, but I was reentry going through my fall/winter clothing which is in storage in the basement and pulled out like 10 long skirts of various kinds of fabric and designs which I had purchased in Saudi before coming back. Many of the shops I frequented in Saudi carried such a wide array of long skirts that women who solely wore skirts would be green with envy! They were very cheap too…ok, maybe not that cheap. You  could get very very cheap ones or get better quality ones…anyway, I digress. I have quite the skirt collection going yet I never-ever-ever-ever wear them.   I purchased them because I figured…they maybe useful someday…why not, after all, you can’t easily get long skirts which are slit-less and modest here without them costing an arm and a leg!

So I was thinking, as I was going through them…why don’t I ever wear them?

Okay, my biggest reason…and I think I’ve mentioned it like a thousand times previously here is that I do not find them comfortable. Mostly because I walk a lot, go up and down stairs and am always on the move, I get paranoid that the skirt I am wearing will blow up or if I sit and sit like how I prefer to sit, that my ankles may show and well..I figure, with pants, even  very wide-legged pants or regular jeans under a long jilbab or abaya…you don’t need to worry about that! You can walk how-ever, sit however (not unladylike, mind you, obviously…I have hayah, mash’Allah), and know everything is covered…right down to your ankles!  So thats my biggest reason and along with that, anytime I do wear a skirt I usually have on my jeans under them! LOL, this isn’t a problem if the skirt is a elastic waisted, basic A-line thing which is easy to make…they fit over anything…but I ant do that with a nicer skirt with a regular waistband, zipper and buttons! Then…if I wear leggings or whatever else under a nicer skirt, I still feel like its binding around my waist…and forget tights and hose!!! Those things are straight from hell I think…how uncomfortable!  I’m only ever OK with the elastic waisted skirts over jeans or occasionally in summer a draw-string waisted “peasant” style skirt over knee length leggings…yet I still get paranoid about my ankles and the skirt blowing around.

Aren’t I weird! LOL Now, I know some sisters wear skirts saying they are required of Muslim women who cover or because of reasons of cultural modesty. The first one, I don’t buy-generally- as most scholars have ruled pants are OK as long as they are obviously feminine and ARE made for women and only worn BY women and the rest of the ensemble is modest and fulfills the criteria for hejab-i.e. an overgarment or an overgarment-like outfit is worn (some scholars have ruled that this is NOT OK, but I’m going by the scholars I follow! If you have any concerns, do inquire with the scholars you follow), now the cultural reasoning…I can say…OK that makes sense…in your  culture both men and women wear robes or in your culture ALL (or most) women wear skirts…but as i’ve mentioned before…some cultures…like traditional Persian culture…women have always worn pants for practicality reasons and skirts without pants obviously worn under them, are considered vulgar…or Pakistani culture where pants are also the norm. Also, may I add that skirts are not necessarily the most modest thing ever…they can be..but, Ive seen plenty of sisters in very snug-fitting skirts which show everything and waist length shirts…so really, nothing is left to the imagination.

Anyway…i digress. So I jumped onto Google and decided to see if I could find something which was like leggings-full length, to the ankles…but very lightweight, not staticy and not confining to wear under a nicer-looking skirt. I found these…

(Velrose snip to fit pants liner)

They are a pants-liner but are suitable for wearing under skirts and have a legging-like style, but lack the confining feel and wont cause a skirt to cling! Unlike most regular leggings which can get some static going with them…I ordered a pair off of Ebay and am excited to try them! Apparently you can remove the lower lace edging so they have the length you like. I saw these mentioned one several blogs run by Christian women who solely wear skirts and they swear by the. They may indeed stop the hassle of ankles showing, a confining feeling in the waist/hips and no static cling. woohooo! I can’t wait. I would like to try some of the skirts I bought what seems like ages ago. They will look very cute with some of the knee-length manteau I have and some of the longer length tunics.

Also, I recently saw a friend of mine in the most interesting denim skirt and asked her where she got it, assuming shed say…Egypt or Turkey…but no, she actually got it from a US based company which solely sells skirts…and most are long and modest called StyleJ…anyone ever heard of them before?  They have some nice looking stuff…for some reason these ones caught me eye. Doubt I’ll be buying any as I need to wear the ones I have first…but they are cute never the less and would look nice with a knee length manteau or tunic.

(“Comfort skirt” from StyleJ)

So, i’d en’sha’Allah like some input…for those of you who wear skirts regularly…why do you do so, what styles do you generally wear and have you ever tried pant slips under them? Since I generally wear overgarments I think its sort of redundant to wear a skirt UNDER your abaya or jilbab, although I could see doing so with a knee length manteau or jilbab…what do you all do in that regard?